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    Sunday, December 17, 2006

    China | Why is so good to be in AIESEC MoChina?

    Friday, September 15, 2006

    05:00 Wake up due to the Jet Lack of last week meetings in Europe

    07:00 Finish the Job Descriptions of 2 new team members from Canada and Serbia

    09:00 Find an American guy to come here an organize a Conference for a company about Clean Energy Implementation Challenges in China

    10:00 Write a mail to a girl in Poland as she is accepted to run a project on HIV/AIDS for Global Business Coalition and AIESEC

    11:00 Take a shower a go to the office... Yes! All this happened from my living room :)

    12:00 Lunch

    13:00 Meet with a member who is organizing an Entrepreneurship Event in February

    14:00 Receive a request for a journalist for the European Chamber

    15:00 Go and extend my visa

    16:00 Still extending my visa

    17:00 Having coffee

    18:00 Attend a banquette at Hyatt Hotel

    19:00 Have a chat with some key personalities, including the first Global Chair of the Earth Council Summit!

    20:00 Receive a request from a CSR News agency that needs a News Editor

    21:00 Eating caviar or something similar... not so good though... :)

    22:00 Passing by taxi in front of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the Mao Zedong Memorial

    22:10 Receive a phone call from Lagos, Nigeria from a candidate that just summit his application to Bayer China

    23:00 Lying on bed, reading 100 años de Soledad and wishing that tomorrow I will not have the Jet Lag any more :)

    Thursday, December 07, 2006



    I had a lot of problems with my blog, so I moved to:

    That blog is actualized :)



    Available only in Spanish... :)

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    World | Here we go again :)

    Tomorrow another journey starts

    I will go to London to meet my team and review our performance in the last months.

    It is amazing for a Costa Rican to leave Beijing with London as destination...

    But there is more..., most likely I will be visiting Rotterdam...

    An important meeting will happen in the AIESEC HQ and it could be interesting to have a member of our team there...

    China..., UK..., NL... ...

    I can feel that I will miss my little chinese girls :) and my team...

    By the way..., travelling for London to Rotterdam most likely will be in one of this

    La Paqureña... :)

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    China | My responsibility

    Do you want to find out more about what I am doing in China?

    Well, check this video.

    It was made to present our Program to AIESEC stakeholders (Companies, NGOs and Government)


    Sunday, November 19, 2006

    My Family :)

    Early this week, I talked for the first time with my family since I arrived to China almost five months ago.

    I realized how much I miss them and how lucky I am.

    My family is where everything started and where everything will finish.

    Costa Rica! is my country, I love it, there is nothing I can do about it :)

    I wish I have some pictures here to post them in my blog.

    I wish you could see and feel all those nice things my family and my country have given me.

    One day I will make my family a little bigger :)

    I hope I managed to do it as good as my mum and dad did :)

    Los extraño a todos..., hasta a Miguelito y Betico :)

    Besos y abrazos

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    China | Celebrities that look like me, chinese version

    Before going to that part I just want to share that I succesfully raise the first internship for an African person in China :)

    It is so cool. It is a chance for an African person to come to China, to work on Corporate Responsibility and to be involved on HIV/AIDS topics...

    Three tabues in one :)

    Can't wait to go to the airport and pick her/him up :)

    So, back to the issue of this mail... here is the chinese (actually japanese) celebrity that looks like me...

    "Ichughuy (something like Issue-Guy)"

    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    China | My Happiest Working Day!!!

    Today is four months and ten days since I arrived to China.

    From my perspective my responsibility was very clear:

    Get the Local Committees involved in projects (create teams, plan and execute) that generate exchange and learning around Sustainable Development topics using the external platform left by the last term.

    I found many challenges that I don't even want to remember right now.

    But I found a team willing to do crazy stuff: Dex, Natalie, Dan, Birtan, Susan, Yuan, Nick. And also two great CEEDers: Lucy and Regula.

    Today I was reviewing the survey where LCs were supposed to commit to run topic based projects...

    Honestly, I was not even expecting answers since it is hard for LCs to access due to Government restrictions at Uni to external servers...

    My surprize:

    • 7 LCs interested!!!
    • 12 Projects with responsible assigned!!!

    Besides that:

    • 2 Project Managers applying for Heroes Conference Grant in Malaysia!!!
    I am so happy!

    Monday, October 30, 2006

    China | RIC Beijing

    Beijing and Shanghai are so different.

    At least, that is my conclusion after the Induction period.

    I believe that Shanghai people are more exposed to Western cultures.

    So, while in Shangahi it is easier to communicate, in Beijing you find more traditional chinese behaviors.

    "In the similarities we come together
    and in the differences... we grow!"

    China is amazing!

    I wonder what will come in the next quarte of my term...

    China | HIV/AIDS, Energy/Environment and Poverty

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    China | Your turn!

    It is time for you to be part of this story!

    If you are an experienced AIESECer, passionate about China and Sustainable Development... This opportunity is what you have being looking for:


    Issue Based Implementation Team!

    Dowload the application: Here!

    Dead line: Nov 1st, 16:00 GMT (24:00 PR China)

    Send to:

    Are you reading Chinese stories


    are you writing your own?

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    China | Shanghai Induction Conference

    On the 14th floor of a Hotel in Shanghai, a group of young people came together to share about the things they care...

    In front of one of the most busiest ports of the Asian giant, 150 students, share their passions and hopes...

    Under a dark coal sky, I realize that China has a future!
    Thank you guys!

    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    Random! | Celebreties that look like me!

    A break from the Conferences preparation leaded me to:

    After, signing in you can upload a picture of your face and they will match your looks with celebrities' looks.

    So, here are my results:

    Looking good ah? :)

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    IC | Faci Life

    How does it feel to be in IC?

    How does it feel to be a Faci in your first IC?


    Imagine that one day you wake up and you are standing in the middle of the Santiago Bernabeu, the ball is at your feet, there is noise all around and you only see the flashes left behind by your teammates and contraries when they passed you by...

    And you are thinking:

    "I have to do it right, I have to do it right, I have to do it right... BUT... what should I do?!?!?!?"

    And all of a sudden, one of the flashes next to you make sense and you just feel like leting the ball flow, with no reason, just instinct...

    That's how I felt.

    Part of something much bigger than me, so big that nobody was above or below it, so big that it makes sense only by itself.

    When I read the application, I realized I had a few chances, mostly because I had a delegate profile.

    But I really wanted to be there.

    I decided that If I was not going to be selected, it will others decision, not mine.

    I have some of the best memories from IC, those memories that keep a person going in the tough moments.

    The memories I will tell my grandchildren.

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Future | Entrepreneurial or Corporate life

    Every year the time to make decisions comes.

    And every year, the decisions become more impactful in our lifes.

    I have been thinking about my future for sometime now.

    And I find myself in a junction: Entrepreneurial or Corporate life.

    Why is this importan right now?

    Well, the entrepreneurial life find no better ground than China and the Corporate is a bit more flexible.

    Whatever decision I make for next year has to reflect my final thoughts about this dilema...

    The price of opportunities :)

    This month I will be meeting Costa Rican business people from the China Ya Program. I guess the outcome of this meeting may help to concrete to which side the balance is.

    With friedns in IC - Poland

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    Colombia | Memories - Hips don't lie Role Call

    I was going up and own on the internet and I found a very interesting AIESEC video.

    It was filmed in Barranquilla, Colombia, during the last LDS.

    The Role Call later an AIESEC Colombia icon.


    Ps: guess who is the Chair :)

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    China | X-treme feelings

    During the last days I notice that my mood is becoming extreme.

    At some moments things are great and all of a sudden things turn and seem bad.

    In Gabiza's words, things are black or white, very moody.

    It is the hard period of the adaptation process but it is also one of the best in terms of learning. I am questioning somethings I thought I deeply believe. I reviewing my "escala de valores".

    Besides the moody moment, thing seem stable.

    We just finished the Energy Seminars which was a very good experience in terms of Event Management in China. This month we have the Induction Conference and I have 2 External days to organize. One in Beijing and one in Shanghai..., a city I have never visit :)

    Enjoy the pictures!

    Yuan, Regula and Yifan, Some of my flatmates

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    China | "Soft defeats hard"

    Today, two different Chinese sources refered to Latin Americans are too direct and aggressive in the approach...

    This makes me think.

    Maybe, Chinese people are playing a different game.

    One think I remember from Dey and Brodie was there hard approach when the moments were tense...

    Maybe, there are different games...

    Here in China, as my brother discovered soft defeats hard

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    PDU Rocks!

    PDU stands for People Development Unit and It is the Global Support Team of the PD Area (Talent Managing and Talent Development)

    The team is made of 12 amaxing individuals from all over the world: Basia (Poland), Miha (Romania), Fawzy (Egypt), Rubayat (Bangladesh), Carolyn (Canada), Fabian (Mexico), Maria (Sweden), Davo (Peru), Nadya (Ukraine), Matthias (Germany), Juliana (Colombia) and me :)

    We mainly do 2 things:

    • Review PD Systems for improvements
    • Support countries implementation processes
    • Support any other crazy initiative from Gabiza :) - AI VP PD
    This year we had several meetings in Poland to discuss about the plan and the strategy to support the Competency Model implementation.

    Right now, we are communicating virtually, mostly through the aiesec platform.

    What is so great about PDU?

    1. The quality of the People
    2. The common willing to give back
    3. The Chair :) Just kidding!!!

    Our next meeting will be in Rotterdam, sponsored by Unilever, by the end of the year to review the Competency Model Implementation.

    I am so looking forward to meet the team again! :)

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    China | Adjusting the lens

    Wow! What a week!

    To avoid randomness I came to an agreement with my team on which are my goals for NOV 1st.

    Hot Goals!
    • Get the LCPs engaged in IBE
    • Organize the "Activating Youth Leadership for Sustainability" Day
    • Get into our Bank Account 5 of the 20 MC monthly salaries companies owe us from this term

    Important Goals

    • Train Project Managers at the Regional Induction Conference
    • Organize the CSR Board of Advisors Meeting
    • Follow up the UK Embassy Sustainability Fund


    While I was in Poland, one of the members contacted one of our National CSR Partners without authorization.

    Then the member used their well kmown brand and the name of the person to promote one of their events...

    Big mess!!!

    The good thing is that at the end, it was the passion towards youth and a more sustainable world what save the day.

    Just do it!

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    China | Too fast to capture in a snap shot

    You really want to know how my experience goes in China?

    Well, it goes fast...

    I arrived to Beijing this day at 4pm, took my lagguage to a PwC to a meeting and then again to another meeting with IBM at 9pm and then to my welcome party at 12mn.

    That's how my experience looks like.

    Faci at IC?
    The same, one day I was in the airport in Warsaw waiting for the Bus to the Conference Site. Next day I was rushing out of the shower, saying good bye to be the next day arranging my Board of Advisors meeting. Happy that morning plenaries are gone :)

    It goes fast, too fast to be capture...

    I am sitting here in front of my computer and all these opportunities pop up in random motion:

    - IBE in China
    - International Association of Public Transport Conference in Bilbao
    - Business as an Agent of World Benefit in Michigan
    - World Water Conference in Beijing
    - PDU Management in Virtual World
    - Top Human
    - Golder Associates
    - Partners Group - Nike, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, Bayer, Novertis, Lucent-Alcatel, Brittish Embassy
    - China Ya!
    - Activating Youth Leadership for Sustainability
    - Outland - All the needs have a road to China

    I need an army to capture all this crazy stuff...

    One day, I will be sitting in a hamac chair (mecedora), wearing sandals and wet shorts in Playa Avellanas thinking about these days and this post.

    I wonder who else will be there.

    I wonder who wide my smile will be.

    I guess not many have this chances but less have such good memories to find moments of rest and peace.

    Made in China!

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Romania | Memories

    I received this picture from Marius Paul. He is the Financial Manager of ANTARES S.R.L., the company where I did my traineeship.

    The picture was taken in December 05, during my 1 month visit to Romania due to SuperNPS 2005

    We were having a Winter BBQ and drinking home-made Tuica... ;)

    China | A few days before Poland

    On friday I am flying to Poland.

    I will facilitator in biggest AIESEC Conference. More than 500 delegates from more than 90 countries will be there. Also more than 250 business people will take part in the event. More info here:

    The objective is to download the strategy for the new year and the main tools to deliver the AIESEC. Besides will also have time to share and come together around the things that matter to us.

    Why am I a Faci?

    Hmmm, good question... The thing is that I try to play my role as good as possible (goal, accomplishment and publicity) and when opportunities like this appear, I apply ;)

    The funny thing is that I haven't had enough time to realize how cool this is..., therefore I just feel like going to another Conference... Just that in the other side of the World :)

    I have an issue...

    I am a little sick... again!

    Coughing..., running nose..., the usual.

    My hope is that the non polluted air of Poland will do their thing... :)

    I leave you with a photo and a tip: Click the picture twice and then you will be directed to the flickr where I am uploading some pictures.

    Ps: is censored by the Chinese Gov. Therefore my posts take some time to be uploaded...

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    China | From the MCP's Computer

    The last two days were very succesful in terms of my funtional area in AIESEC Mainland of China.

    We fundraise around 26000 RMB (10 times my MC salary), 6000 over my yearly goal and came to an agreement to start the HIV/AIDS Learning Network with a traineeship in Project Management.

    At this rythm I will be able to focus on LC Capacity Building which is my main objective and have plenty of money to invest!

    Next friday I will leave to Poland. I have to spend 10hrs in the Moscow Airport but it will be perfect to get some IC work done.

    IC stands for International Conference. It is the biggest AIESEC Conference and congregates delegates from all over the world..., usuallly it has around 1000 delegates.

    The Openning Speech is giving by former president of Poland who ran the Solidarity Movement during the 80's.

    Things are going great!

    By the way, I will be opening positions to come to China by January... So if you are interested drop me a line.

    Discover your Passion
    Develop your Potential

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    China | Food

    Many people were making fun of me before I departed to China because of the food and the girls.

    Regarding food, there is nothing to be worry about when you come to China. There are plenty of option: beef, chicken, pork, rice, noodles, vegetables, sauces, soy....

    Maybe you can have problems finding bread or HQ salamis, but besides that, there is nothing to worry about.

    And extra benefit are the exotics meals like: dog meat, pork blood, heart, chicken everything and insects.

    I haven´t been able to eat a dog... And may not... But insects, hell yeah!

    They taste like the skin of s fried chicken :)

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    China | Creating Opportunities

    Today I am very happy.

    My main motivation is AIESEC is getting connected with people and this only happens when you realize other have the same interests that you have...

    That's why from the management perspective, my main goal is to create opportunities for the students, companies, public institutions and NGOs to come together.

    Today I met with a NGO, Business Fight AIDS (, and we came to an agreement to start a Project to create awarness around the potential danger of AIDS within University students in China...

    We start we a traineeship and then two teams, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai, with a follow up of around 10 traineeships next year...

    I feel this is meanigful!

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    China | A window of pictures

    This weekend we went to Summer Palace. It used to be the summer place of the Emperators.

    The place is beautiful but it is as crowded as many other touristic places in Beijing during summer.

    I think I will set on hold my touristic activities until Autumn..., otherwise I may get frustrated for so many people pushing me around on weekends.

    I finally have some pictures..., not many, I don't have a camara :)


    Friday, August 04, 2006

    China | Insighting AIESEC China

    My favourite part of Chinese Culture is their personal approach.

    It is soft..., quiet..., they avoid to scream, make faces or noises.

    It may confuse you because you will start thinking they are weak and delicate.

    Talking with friends I came to understand that Westerns and Chinese perceive "conflict" differently.

    For Westerns, a well managed conflict leads to change and then to improvement. In China, conflict is destructive and leads to failure. In the MC, our startegy is: Westerners argue, and Chinese wrap up :)

    At Conferences, the members behave very receptive, they will not argue, they will listen. The only challenge is that reading if they are understanding is hard...

    When it comes to working groups is very important to give clear directions and to walk with them through the first steps..., afterwards everything goes smoothly and nice.

    What I find hard to adapt is the partying style, specially in Conferences.

    I am use to this kind of Plenary/Club Party with all the people coming together into a big hall and partying hard.

    Here in China, the parties happen in the rooms. They love the punishment-drinking games... It is funny, specially when you picture how shy they are :)

    The members have a lot of potential. Sometimes, I feel that we don't trust them as we should. My bets are on them...

    About the Supply Chains..., we will run a project: "CSR Supply Chains Capacity Building" :)

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    China | Back on line!

    Hello Dears Friends!

    I am living one of the more exciting experiences of my life and I haven't had time to share it not even with myself.

    This is why I decided to come back on-line, to create a moment in the day to reflect upon everything I am leaving.

    Everyday I receive tons of AIESEC Spams, usually I erase them. I just keep the ones that influence my work in the short term.

    But today I opened one based on personal reasons. The Brodie's (President of AIESEC International) good bye to AIESEC.

    I came in a good moment to me to realize who great this is before it is finish...


    "A few years ago, back while a relatively new LC member in Calgary, I was invited to an evening at an alumnus place with a few AIESEC members and a few older alumni. It was supposed to start at 7:00, and so as an eager young AIESEC member I showed up at 6:55. The host, Richard, answered the door with a look of surprise, wondering who this could be showing up on time? He still had some worn blue jeans on and a winter jacket, and had clearly been at work. After explaining that it wasnt so customary to show up early, he asked if I wanted to come out to his backyard to help him as he did some work on his deck.

    For the next hour, I stood in the cold Canadian winter with him, holding a jar of nails and helping him as he hammered some boards together. As we worked, I started asking him a couple of questions. He started with the usual sharing of what he did in AIESEC, and then slowly I could see as the emotions starting stirring within him. A sense of excitement as he told me the number of countries he had traveled to, and the adventures he had. A feeling of friendship as he explained what it really meant to be able to talk all night with people he had only met two days before. The pride of being part of something so big that the work he did had such a profound influence. And a deep gratitude knowing that those adventures, those friendships, those challenges had shaped who he was at that moment, hammering nails into his family home, a new child indoors with his wife, a fulfilling lifes work, a sense of meaning
    That evening, from working on the deck to sitting inside the house with the artifacts from around the world decorating the walls, the eclectic music on the stereo and watching as this group of alumni  of friends  reminisced about their AIESEC experiences, the wonder that is AIESEC was unveiled. I watched as they revisited old photo albums and didnt understand half of what they said, but could see how much it meant to them. That night, a bit more of the magic of AIESEC was revealed to me, and every day since, I discover more.

    But sometimes it takes an ending to help us realize how much something has meant to us. As I sit here in the office in this last hour, watching as members of my team slowly exit the door for the last time, I am reminded that one day we will be sitting around a living room table after working on the deck out back, with friends, our husbands and wives and children, and some pictures, music, and memories that will bring back that unique spirit which is AIESEC.

    On behalf of my team, thank you for a year that will be worth sharing around that table. Let all of us who are leaving remember the spirit that is AIESEC, and aspire to a future that is a demonstration of that spirit.

    Gratefully, Brodie"

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    China | Crazy Days

    My days start at 8am at finish around 3am

    Company and MC meetings, hours in the bus or subway, interesting meals and bed sharing have being the highlights of this first few days.

    Beijing is massive!

    The population density is not that high but you feel the distance when you have to cross the city for a meeting. Usually I budget 90minutes minutes one way...

    The food is great. Cut the crap with chinese food, seriously, everyday we eat something new and delicious. Sometimes is too hot ;). Usually we eat out and it is like 12 000 RMB (1,5 USD) per person.

    CSR in China is crazy. There are a lot of problems, therefore a lot of people trying to help. A light diagnosis will be that the resources to improce things are available but there is a need t increase the productivity of the efforts.

    Transition... crazy!!! More than 400 contacts to meet or learn about, 25 000 GBP in Fund, 15 people team, and many others... I am very happy Good ideas are all over.

    The MC Team... speechless.

    Dex is the MCP, he is chinese. Not much experience but really clever, he sits, he listens, he learns, he makes decisions, simple.

    Birtan from Turkey is VP ER, very experienced and calm, very professional approach, brings objectiveness to the team.

    The CWers (Daniel - UK, Natalie - Australia, Yuan - China) are pure passion, asap as they start performing I think AIESEC China will feel it.

    Susan in Finance..., well, it is finance ;)

    I am having a good time..., sometimes I get scared, sometimes I get excited, sometimes I get... lost :) But it is fun :)

    Noodles forever!

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Is this s**** working?

    My last three post were not published and I realized only today...

    I will move but the link will remain the same...

    Stay tune :)

    China | Sunday at Planning

    These first days have been filled with work. I haven´t even have time to change money... But I ma having fun with the team. the guys are great and funny :)

    Last night was sleep in... I just needed it...

    Funny thing is that China has a lot of resemblances with Romania. I believe is the communist influence: big block of flats, hugh squares, trains and so on.

    *Cultural Shock of the Day: Google is blocked!

    I tried to look for the online version of the Polish Competency Model and the Google search sent me an error message...

    Chinese Government restrict the access to certain information in internet and that's why Google doesn't work at full capcity here.

    I felt like they closed the library :)

    China | First Days!


    Day 1
    04pm - Arrived at Beijing West Train Station
    05pm - Team Transition at PwC
    09pm - Meeting with IBM at Hilton Hotel
    11pm - Welcome Party
    01am - At a Propaganda Club
    04am - At the apartment to finally take a nap...

    Beijing is a typical cosmopolitan city.

    It is amazingly big, crowded and full of opportunities.

    The MC... super tare - Chinese, Brittish, Australians, Turkish and a CASian...
    The food... great! And I love using the chop sticks!
    The girls... beautiful!
    The pollution... terrible!

    Sometimes I just feel too happy.
    I wish you were here...

    China | Day 1

    16.00 Arrival at Beijing West Train Station
    16.05 Pollution in my eyes at Beijing
    16.15 Adam, current VP CSR, picked me up at the Station
    16.45 At PWC, transition meeting
    21.00 At Hilton Hotel, IBM Meeting
    22.00 Welcome Dinner
    01.00 At Propaganda Club
    03.00 Meeting the Latin Community, including Panamenians
    04.00 Sleeping

    My dreams, myself and my suitcase!

    China | Funny Train Part 1

    ...Today at the PlayGround...

    • Train 98
    • Route Hong Kong to Beijing
    • 24:15 Hr Trip
    • Hard sleep (Open Cuseta Cama dura sin puertas)
    • 600 HK Dollars
    • One Turkish Toilet (Baño tipo letrina... "de a pulso")

    One Costa Rican, One suitcase, One destination...

    MC Mainland of China

    ... will he make it?...
    ... will he need to use the turkish toilet?...
    ... will he get down in the right station?...
    ... will he eat too many sunflowers?...
    Chang Chang Chang Chaaaaaaaaaaaang!

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    China | Visa and Train Trip

    Yesterday was a long long day.

    I woke up at 3am due to the Jet Lag and went back to bed at 11pm...

    But at the end, It was the right thing to do since I managed to sleep normal hours and I got my Business Visa - Multiple Entries to China!

    I will leave by Train on Wednesday at 3pm and I will arrived to Beijing 24hrs and 15min later.

    One important thing to know about Hong Kong is that there is not need to learn Mandarin or Cantonese, everything is in English. Yesterday, I managed my way around without major problems.

    We'll see how does it work in Beijing.


    Thank you guys for the comments, emails and msn chats. They make me feel like at home :)


    And the News of the Day goes to:

    Global AI-PDU Team 06.07

    • Juliana Castillo - MCVP PD, Brazil
    • Barbara Ptak - MCVP PD, Turkey
    • Fabian Hernandez - MCVP X, Czech Republic
    • Carolyn Rush - MC Regional Coordinator, Canada
    • Mihaela Ciobris - MCVP PD, Romania
    • David Rojas - exMCVP PD, Colombia
    • Maria Johansson - exMCVP PD, Sweden
    • Nadya Lyubyva - MCVP PD, Hong Kong
    • Rubayat Khan - MCVP PD Bangladesh
    • Matthias Lehmann - exMC Hungary

    Chair: Juan - MCVP CSR Mainland of China

    Managed by AI VPPD: Gabiza :)

    To improve the PlayGround!

    Sunday, June 18, 2006

    China | Applaying for Visa in Hong Kong!


    I am in Hong Kong. Believe it or not!

    And I am very very happy.

    As soon as I sat in the airplane, I felt peace. I am in the right path :)

    The trip Costa Rica-LA was nice. I sat between two colombian girls from Bogota :) They made me laugh, they couldn't believe I was leaving Latin American girls...

    The LA Airport (LAX) is the worst thing ever. Avoid it! Seriously. It has bad ilumination, it is big and unsigned, it is dirty and stinks, it is also very very crowded..., not a place you want to spend more than 5 minutes...

    The part of China Airlines impressed me for two reasons: the multimedia devices for each passenger and the Flight Attendants.

    The multimedia devices let you watch any movie of a selection of 30, watch shows like Friends or Everybody Loves Raymond, play games, watch news and sports, listen to music whenever you want. It really keep you entertained, specially in the first minutes when you are trying to find out how does it work ;)

    On the other hand, the Flight Attendants were all little dolls. I think they were aprox 1.60m with 13 y/o girls' faces.

    A funny fact is that airplanes are designed for Europeans, therefore the height of the hand-luggage compartments represents an ergonomical challenge for the asian Flight Attendants..." CSR Project Manager :)

    Stefan, man, you have to see the amount of containers in the port in HK... Man, serious, I have never seen so many, not even in Panama... They look like a hugh Lego collection... By the way I saw a big advertisement: "Empowering your Supply Chain, KF Logistics" :0 :)

    You will die of hapiness here, and imagine the ports in Beijing, Guanzhou and Shangai...

    In a few words, HK is like Panama (nice infraestructure, hot and humid) but with the Costa Rican mountains and the Asian people :)

    Playing in Chinese!
    Eating with Chop Sticks! (It is not that hard ;))

    Friday, June 16, 2006

    China | Two perspectives of travelling

    At 6pm today, I will take the first flight of my journey to China.

    How do I feel?

    I have noticed that when I am about to live life changing experiences, like this long term trips, my feelings polarized in two perspectives.

    The perspective of Going To. It is the one that motivates you and give you the strenght and the will to continue. It is the future.

    The perspective of Leaving. This is the one that represent what you care about and that made what you are. It is the past

    How do I feel?

    I feel captured in the present, exactly in the point where Going to and Leaving violentily meet. My stomach is tense and my body feels heavy. My eyes show fear, my hearts hurts but my mind knows that this is the road. Last time I felt like this was February 28th 2005.

    No great talent comes without great will...

    Oh China! Really, take care! I am going to enjoy it!

    In the way to the part of the PlayGround where the games are Made in China!


    Value of the Family

    More than half of my accomplishments have the same actor behind - My Family!

    For this adventure, I want to dedicate everything I will do to them. In my heart their faces and advices are always with me. I hope that one day they will be as proud of me as I am of them.

    God, thanx for setting me a place here, you are the best Family Raiser ;)

    University | Graduation!

    Before leaving to China I needed to close an important stage of my life... University!!!

    With my parents amd some relatives

    Looking at the future with
    my new helmet and
    the diploma in under my arm

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    China | The Road starts to clear off

    I want to thank you

    Because, this period has been a little hard for me and many of you drop those little supportive lines or took sometime to tell me that you care :)

    That is just what I needed it, to know that I am not alone and than our efforts are all connected.

    During the past term, my strenght relied on the memories from Cluj (Ro) and the understanding that many ppl around the world was trying hard to make AIESEC happening.

    Today is not different, just that the Cluj memory has broaden much more, therefore my source of energy.

    I bought the ticket to Hong Kong today :)

    I will depart from Costa Rica on Friday 18:15 and arrived to Hong Kong on Sunday morning.

    On Monday, I will apply for the Business Visa (F), 3 days later I will have an answer.

    On the 4th day, I will catch a 24hrs train from Hong Kong to Beijing!

    I am so excited about this, you can see the map of the journey below :) Reflection time, here it comes!

    I still need USD400 to pay Visa, cover Train Tickets, pay taxes and cover living expenses until I get to Beijing. For the first time in my life, I have debts ;)

    Where will this money come from? We'll see...

    The Distance Hong Kong-Beijing
    is equivalent to
    The Distance San Jose (CR) - Distrito Federal (Mex)
    (Green Line)

    Great Will,

    to live my life!

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Emotionally Disturbed

    That's the only way I can describe my current mood.
    • I feel scare because I don't have the minimun resources I need in order to get save to Beijing
    • I feel dissapointed because there is a big chance I will miss IC, therefore, my last IC.
    • I feel sad because I have to end up another AIESEC love story with AIESEC CAS
    • I feel excited because this week I will get my Diploma
    • I feel frustrated because it seems that people believe I am still in Costa Rica just because
    • I feel hands tied because important things are being discussed in the MC and I can only participate through random mails
    • I feel sad to leave my country and specially my family for the 3rd time
    • I feel tired of not being able to see the easy smooth path where to walk
    • I feel powerless because I can't close the ballast business
    • I feel inept to keep the people who cares about me close when I am down, I always push them away until the good times are back...
    • I feel lonely because there are only a few people able to understand this kind of situations and they are abroad...
    • I feel dissapointed to see ppl I trusted quitting
    Am I depressed? Not really, just tired.
    I wish I have one day when I can sleep properly.
    Thanks God there is World Cup :)

    You know what the worst thing is?
    That the only thing that separate me from the opportunities I have is... Money.

    Life is Simple, even when is raining in the PlayGround


    I decided to post this one, because I know many people have only seen the selfconfident and positive Juan, when the truth is that I am just a person and with this nature comes a big amount of human essence.

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    World Cup | Linda ChoPe!!!!!!!

    .:: Costa Rica 2 - Germany 4 ::.

    Half the population of the World saw today's match.

    We didn't win, that's right, but there were a group of maes playing futbol in Munich, having fun and trying as hard as they could!

    ThanKs Guys!!!!!

    Chope es toA!!!!

    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    World Cup | Vamos Sele!!!

    .:: COSTA RICA ::.

    It is 2 days for the beginning of the World Cup and it becomes neccesary to post about La Sele, the team of all the Costa Ricans!

    We are in Grupo A: Germany, Poland, Ecuador and Costa Rica. And we have the luck to play in the inagural match against Germany (Friday 9th, 18GMT).

    The Group is hard. Considering that Ecuador came 3rd in South America, only behind Brasil and Argentina. Poland is pretty unknown and Germany is Germany.

    We believe that Germans will past to the 2nd Round. So, we must get good results against Poland and Ecuador.

    Our current team is based on the team that play in 2002 and who only lost against Brasil (World Champion 2002). The other teams in the group were: Turkey, who ran 4th, and China :)

    This year, the team seems a bit lost in the friendly games.

    But, it an usual behaviour of our culture. We do good at important matches...

    We are ready to start the World Cup and, to be honest, we are upset with the way Germans and Polish have claimed their superiority -not very polite..., by the way our Coach got pissed about this today-

    Everything will be written in the field.

    .:: Ticooooooooossssss - Ticoooooooooosssss ::.

    Thanx to everyone

    dropping lines of support

    in the MSN ;)

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    InBetween Weekend - Entreprenurship Parties

    To have time to wonder and entreprenurship spirit make you do to things: business and partying!

    The China thing is moving well, hopefully we close this week and then I will have enough money to buy the most expensive flight-ticket ever seen. We also came with new ideas, we will research on natural ingredients for Eastern Europe and also some Health Care - Beauty stuff... The things you do to sustain your AIESEC life :)

    For the party, we travelled like 5 hours to the north of Costa Rica, close the Arenal Volcano. It was a lot of fun, even if we got there when the party was over! I like all this diversity of ppl you find in your same country.

    On Sunday, I went to welcome Tatiana, she is a former LCP from LC UCR who was in Spain as PD CEED. She is very nice and talented, also good looking :), and it is great I have the chance to meet her before leaving to China. Hopefully she makes it to Poland ;)

    This week has 3 big things going on:
    • buying the ticket to China,
    • a Corporate Responsibility Meeting in INCAE (look their MBA-Sustainability Program, the best in Latin America)
    • the World Cup match Costa Rica-Germany! (a post soon)
    Enjoy some inBetween readings on leadership:


    ****** World Premier ******

    First Kiss

    by AIESEC Cluj Napoca


    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Poland | March 2005

    A friend was upset because I haven't post on Poland in my Blog... And since it is a stressful time due to travel tickets and visas, I decided to post about Poland and the good memories.

    Basically I went there because of luck.

    When I finished my traineeship in Romania, I was supposed to travel to France and spend a week there.

    The night before I was in the apartment and Stefan received a called from Lukas, Poland MCVP ER, asking for an available Chair willing to leave next morning to Warsaw...

    After some confusion, Stefan hook me up and I was on my way to Poland.

    The Conference and the place were great. I was upset when I got there since I was just leaving Romania, but in IEC I felt very welcomed and I had a lot of fun.

    The OC was amaxing, great friends, good memories. The parties were just what I need to get in the right mood to go back to Costa Rica.

    A great memory I have is Abhinav (MCVP in Poland, current AI) and I carrying my luggage through a very snowy day in Warsaw...

    Imagine that... a Costa Rican and a Hindi, under heavy snow, carrying a hugh suitcase in Poland...

    I am really looking forward fro IC and I wish to met a lot of friends there!

    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    China | Not matter what!

    Last night I dreamt I was in China.

    I felt that I have unfinished business in Costa Rica..., like closing the door of my room and picking up my diploma at the University.

    When I woke up and I realized I was still here and I felt akward.

    I need to get to China. It is a very important step in my life and I have no other real-cool-option than to be there soon.

    Today I spent many hours in the Internet looking for tickets and ways to get there.

    Most affordable tickets are sold out. I found two potential options, both through Russia.

    One is AEROFLOT, the Russian Airline, but I haven't been able to find places and besides the MC have already advice me not to risk it :)

    The other one is the Transiberian. It is a train that goes from Moscow to Beijing in 6 days and half.

    The price in 2nd Class is about USD250 and in 1st Class is USD450. It says that it is very comfortable and secure, besides it gives you the chance to get to know places not many ppl have seen...

    But it is recommendable to make the trip in parts. Travel 2 days and rest 2 days, so that will take around 10 days to make it.

    The food is an issue because meals served in the train are low quality and high price. the best is to bring yourself some or to buy in the 10-15minutes stops in several cities...

    Exploring opportunities is just that, exploring. I hope that I can make the trip Beijing to Moscow in July 08 when I am coming back from the MC term in China. Who is in?

    Who knows.... maybe we can travel by Nashu!

    I got in contact with the Chinese Community in Costa Rica and they recommended me their travel agent. She asked me for a couple of days to research on prices... If there is something affordable, she will find it.

    On the other hand, next week I will get an asnwer from my sponsor to see if he can raise his support.

    China is big, I can't miss it! :)

    Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    China | Travel Cost Issues

    I should be making my luggage to leave to China right now but instead I am becoming to feel a little bit of frustration and desesperation...

    The thing is that I had budget a ticket of about 1200-1500 USD. I was getting 1000 USD from a sponsor I "fundraising" the rest...

    But thanks to the World Cup and the free market tickets prices raised to heaven...

    Regular ones are around USD3000, so If I have that kind of money I could get there tomorrow. If a look for and I am lucky I may find a free space in USD2500...

    I am talking with my sponsor during this week but still I can not pressure...

    Time to think Transiberian.... :)


    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Team Work | Planning

    This year I had "issues" due to misunderstanding on how to use planning tools and manage teams.

    A plan is a tool to increase efectivity, efficiency and productivity; and to improve communications within team stakeholders


    Do you need a plan for everything you do?
    -No! If the action will satisfy the functional unit core needs in a productive way... Do it!

    The Team and the Plan
    The Plan takes a major role when managing a team. It coordinates actions and timing, besides it builds an accountability system and, in the best cases, it becomes a motivational tool.

    Is it required to build the plan with the team?
    -It is advisable, not required.

    Is it required to transmit the plan to the team?
    -YES! Since the first day the team must have a clear vision on how pieces will fall together. If the plan is done, you must sell it; if not, you must build it with the team. Or -even if it sounds unproductive- build the plan to make the plan...


    For those of you who don't know me that well...

    I am very structured, I avoid doing things that doesn't add value.

    If you ever get to be in the same team than me, you can expect questions like: why are we doing this? How are we impacting our goal? Can we skip it? Isn't it a cheaper way to do it? ...

    I am just looking for sense, then simplicity.

    A nice person I met in AXLDS told me that she was impressed with my "insecurity" :) From my perspective, everything can be challenged and, at the right timing, I am willing to do so.

    I am not a reader, neither a meditational person but from time to time I do research on certain issues.

    Visit the Goldratt Institute to learn about the Theory of Constraints (ToC), read The Goal for its aplication on general management, Critical Chain on Project Management and The Haystack Syndrome on classifying information.

    Reference from Harvard Business Review on Critical Chain:
    "This book is valuable to two main audiences: project managers and senior managers...useful for dealing with one of the most difficult and pressing management challenges: developing highly innovated new products." "Eli Goldratt's first novel,The Goal, shook up the factory floor...Goldratt essentially adds a discipline for understanding what drives project performance and therefore what the focus of a project manager's attention should be."


    People movement

    End of Terms in AIESEC equals People Movement

    When the terms are ending, people in AIESEC moves where the opportunities are, just like in migration.

    Some move up in the structure, others go horizontal, a few repeat, many go in exchange... We just keep having fun.

    Some others, simply finish their cycle and follow their dreams somewhere else.

    I want to wish my AIESEC Friends the best for the incoming year.

    I have a thought for all of you:
    • Honor the people that gave you the opportunity to move on by giving always your best
    • Be sure that by the end of the year, you leave behind more people and more opportunites than you found :)
    And for those who missed it, visit Stefan's Blog and his good bye.

    Enjoy your life
    That's the best opportunity you will always be granted

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    MC CAS 05-06 | Closing a chapter

    An exchange of e-mails and chats with Ruth Bertens (former MCP Costa Rica), during the last months of my traineeship in Romania helped me decide to ran for MCVP PD in AIESEC CAS.

    I just couldn't quit AIESEC and not bringing back a little of the opportunities I received from AIESEC Romania. My willing to be in the MC were so strong that I actually decided not to run for VP Exchange, where I think I have better skills, in order to cover a position nobody wanted in CAS - VP People Development.

    It was so funny because at that time I nearly new nothing about PD, I remember long talks with Rada (VP PD Cluj Napoca), Stefan, Gabi, Lucki of course, and Pode about PD. I studied as hard as I study for an exam :)

    I got elected after missing the interview due to a Conference in Poland ;) Good I had no competition!

    What was about to come was not close to any of my expectations.

    A team of 6 people from 4 different countries, very diverse AIESEC experience, personalities and wishes.

    Today when we are almost done I can only remember with happiness our term.

    And the reason is simple. I did what I felt with all my passion. Sometimes I failed, sometimes I didn't. Ah! sometimes Maga wanted to kill me too :)

    The people in CAS is very special, very professional and motivated but furthermore good people, the kind of people we need to go beyond our own limits.

    But I want to thank the MC for never giving up. It was hard and I know some of you were taking to the extreme, an extreme I am not sure I could overcome. I just wanted you to know that I am aware of that and I admire your determination and courage, I admire you.

    ThanX CAS!
    NikoLight 4 Ever!

    MC CAS 05-06 at Panama Bay

    Kike (Mex), Sarah (USA), Coyo (PAN), Wanda (PAN), Juan (CR) and Maga (CR)

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    Fair Trade - Translation Disclaimer

    "The fair trade movement, also known as the trade justice movement, promotes the use of labour, environmental and social standards for the production of commodities, particularly those exported from the Third and Second Worlds to the First World. " - Check the dispute on the neutrality of this definition here

    After reading Adam's comment I was a little concerned about the concept of Fair Trade. So, I did some research and realized that translating Fair for Justo in this specific case is very very tricky.


    • Fair Trade (1) basically means poor and developing countries raising their production standards to compite with industrialized countries
    • Fair Trade (2) as I tried to translate it, refers to trade where standards promote equal opportunties for organizations in different countries to compite.


    • Fair Trade (1) - All organizations who wants to enter the Global Markets must be ISO 9001, 14000 and 26000 certified
    • Fair Trade (2) - Technology Transfer will be supported to increase the competitiveness of organizations in developing and poor countries.

    More on trade soon...

    Don't worry, I know where I am heading. I just want to state some opinions before going back to the random posts :)

    ThinGs I believe

    The last 3 post were on issues negatively affecting Sustainable Development (SD) worldwide that I consider very relevant: water, trade, unequality.

    You may think I am crazy leaving Energy out of the picture... Well, I did it because I believe this issue will be solved in the short term, specially after all this crazyness with USA and the Gulf countries.

    Back to my issues.

    I believe the most social and economical challenges we are facing today are due to unequality of opportunities.

    Your luck as human being basically depends on which country are you born and raised, not neccesarily to your efforts and capabilities.

    Therefore, in order to promote SD we must reduce the opportunities gap between countries increasing where we have the least. Since we live in a mostly capitalistic world, we must encourage opportunities to generate economic wealth closely supported by opportunties to generate social wealth.

    And here is where Unfair Trade is playing a major role.

    Trade is a economic wealth distributor. But It behaves as a pipe, you can open it and distribute wealth; or you can close it an accumulate wealth. The world major challenge is that we are calling the close pipe Free Trade Agreements... crazy!

    So, in order to generate opportunities to generate economic wealth we need fair trade.

    Naturally, this strategy will not offer results in the short term. Therefore, actions to combate extreme needs are required. And here comes the water issue.

    Contaminated water, or the complete lack of it, generates many other extreme conditions like hunger and epidemics. It is not the only issue to solve in the short term but it is the most impacting and easy to solve.


    Facilitating the generation of opportunties in developing countries through fair trade and satisfaction of inmediate needs has the potential to reduce the development gaps between countries.

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006

    Fair Play - Fair Trade!

    "The world’s highest trade barriers are erected against some of its poorest countries: on average the trade barriers faced by developing countries exporting to rich countries are three to four times higher than those faced by rich countries when they trade with each other. Perverse graduation in trade policy extends to other areas."
    Agriculture is a special concern: 2/3 of people living with less than US$ 1 per day live & work in rural areas

    "The basic problem to be addressed in the WTO negotiations on agriculture can be summarized in three words: rich country subsidies."

    Human Development Report 2005

    Inequality matters

    "Socioeconomical gaps reflect unequal opportunity—people held back because of their gender, group identity, wealth or location. Such inequalities are unjust. They are also economically wasteful and socially destabilizing. Overcoming the structural forces that create and perpetuate extreme inequality is one of the most efficient routes for overcoming extreme poverty, enhancing the welfare of society and accelerating progress towards the Millenium Development Goals."

    Human Development Report 2005

    Key actions

    1. Cooperation - Satisfy inmediate needs. Increase quantity and quality.
    2. Trade - Source of wealth. Needs to be fare with wealth distribution.
    3. Security - It is distracting attention and generating more inmediate needs.

    Sunday, May 14, 2006


    Simply put - the lack of safe drinking water is the primary cause of disease in the world today. Everyday almost 40,000 people die from causes directly related to contaminated water. And for those who survive, without good health, there is little chance for a normal and productive life. A surprising statistic to many is that contaminated water causes 80% of the health problems throughout the world.

    Organizations around the world have been joining efforts to face this issue but many of them have failed. Here are the most common reasons:
    • Improper equipment;
    • Personnel not properly trained to start;
    • No follow-on training for new personnel;
    • Inadequate logistical re-supply; or
    • A combination of the above.

    ThinK Water.

    Piensa en el Agua.

    Hay mucho, pero tenemos poco

    On Friday evening I went for a coffee with a group of friends and we were chatting about many random things.

    One of the conversations ended up in a discussio about giving and receiving presents and the pressure for young couples to give B-day presents, X-Mas presents, Monthlyversary presents, San Valentines' presents and any other type of scheduled present...

    In my personal opinion, there is only 1 thing I would ask my friends and It is also the most valuable thing I can give them... Time.

    Really..., time! :)

    Spend the whole day together: walking around, driving around, watching tv, cooking... even cleaning. Talking, sharing. Time together is the best thing a person can receive but It is also the hardest one to get.

    So, if at any given point, you hear that I am saving my time for you, it is because I am trying to give the best I can.

    And if you have see me uraño y sin motivo and sometimes even jealous of the time we spend together, it is because... :)

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Juan Valdez drinks Costa Rican Coffee

    *** Breaking News ***
    Juan Valdez drinks Costa Rican Coffee!

    For those that don't get the joke the thing is the "Juan Valdez" is a brand of the Colombian Coffee.

    Costa Rica and Colombia are some kind of competitiors in the coffee market.

    Some funny mae-guy made some branded shirts: "Juan Valdez Drinks Costa Rican Coffee" :)

    The Colombians are now pissed at the major Costa Rica coffee producer Britt...

    And I am just making fun :)

    But there is an important conclution:

    Coffee drinkers are better lovers!

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Bob Marley's Memorial

    Well, Bob Marley died in May 11th, 1981.

    Today in Costa Rica many Clubs have memorials..., more like parties, but still nice things to attend. I am a bit upset since I won't be able to go. But well, I still have the music!!!

    Go beyond the icon, try finding out why He is so great:
    "As Bob Marley rose to international prominence as the first musical super star from the Third World, he has thrown into the center of a raising political malestrom of violence, conspirancy and greed"

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Tayrona - My Last Colombian Adventure


    After 21 Days of Conference in Colombia -AXLDS Premeeting (3), AXLDS (8), SSPM (3), LDS Premeeting (1) and LDS (6) - I really needed to take some time to rest.

    It was Wednesday night and I had to flight on Saturday morning from Barranquilla to Costa Rica.

    I had two options:
    1. Stay in Barranquilla chillin the city in Easter Week,
    2. Or going to Tyrona National Park with some Colombian MC members (Caro, Felipe, Sergio, Jenn, Martis and Iván), some members from LC Santa Marta, a Romanian Trainee :), Rita & Cía.
    After a convincing speech from Sergio and Felipe about the dreamt beaches, naked girls, contact with nature and cheap hamacs, I decided to joined! :)

    Many thinGs happen there, some good, some not worth to mention... :)

    But the memories stayed with the bathroom where we spend the niGht!

    Yes, we did spend the night in the bathroom.

    And we party like hell, it was so cool. We had PCs but not electricity, so the only way to make it happened was singing... "Hoy es noche de sexo...", "Chuuuuupa la mazorca!", and other LDS Classics unplugged. It got so crazy that we were dancing the music we were singing :)

    For the memory of the Tayrona Bathroom!

    Gracias a la vida!!!!

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Newies and Issue Based eXPeriences

    In the last few weeks I have been focusing on supporting the LCs recruitments and aligning their efforst to be able to provide a platform for the Issue Based eXPeriences.

    The Issue Based eXPeriences is a new set of opportunities that we are giving to AIESECers to develop themselves

    It is based on a simple concept:
    1. There are critical aspects for each community to develop in a sustainable way
    2. There are strategies that focus on positively impacting those critical aspects
    3. AIESEC XP can be shaped to happen around this strategies and therefore provide a leadership able to create a postive impact on society
    Which advantages are we seeing?
    1. Alignment between Vision, Role, CW and Execution of AIESEC
    2. Membership motivation
    3. More clear and exciting JDs
    4. Easier to position AIESEC among stakeholders
    1. Attitude towards change from oldies - Solved! :)
    2. LC Structures - Finally we are moving towards projects! No + Focus on Activities! :)
    3. Alignment with LC Plans - Done!
    4. Understanding the importance of Core Work (AIESEC XP) and the Supporting Systems (PD, X, F, IS...) - Still in process
    5. Increasing relevance of Coaching, Project Management and Mentorship - At CASGO!

    Honestly, I see a lot of opportunties for AIESEC Central America South. After visiting all the LCs and having the chance to chat with the newies, finding out their passions and the vision of AIESEC they already have and I feel very confident about what happened this year.

    Something big is happening and I am sure the elected MC will have some good time in a few months from now when the newies start delivering results :)

    ...1 more thinG left to Say..

    Sunday, May 07, 2006

    Sicker | Networking also heals!

    Well, friday night was bad.

    I was coughing so badly that my parents couldn't sleep anymore. We were thinking that it was the injections doing their thing... And they were doing their thing, the wrong thing!

    By Saturday afternoon I was very bad, so we decided to go to another Doctor. The problem was that I haven't visited a real Doctor since I was a kid... So my mum called the Pediatrician :) He said He was sorry bad I was too old for him now :)

    Therefore, we went to a Clinic where I usually go when I have broken fingers, knees or ancles :) And in the door I met and old friend of my brother who happens to be a Doctor now... So he checked me.

    He did it good!

    Seriously, I have never been checked like yesterday. I think He was a little scared when he saw my face that He just wanted to be sure...

    After tests, X-Rays and some asthmatic threatments, He realized what I really have.

    Apparently, I have being sick for a few months now. That's why my Costa Ricans friends are always annoying me with the "You are always sick! Maybe you don't want to go out with us!"

    The story started after I came back from Romania in March last year, when I got sick for over a month just after going to Mal País Beach. Then in July when Lucki came and again in rainy October. For a week in Romania after NPS. In January after COCAS. In April after Colombia. And now in May, after LC Coaching in Panama...

    The problem was that "flema" got dried in my "Bronquios" at some piont during the sequence of colds. So, every time a little infection would attack me and I would have soft asthma attacks... And the Doctor I was visiting before was healing the infections but not lung problems.

    On friday, what happened was that I got an injection with Aínes (NSAIDS) and really made the whole thing worst.

    Now, for the next 15 days I have to take extra care of myself. Meaning:
    • Pills cocktail
    • Vitamin C
    • Inhalations (some recommended me marihuana tea or rubbing it against the chest...)
    • Not getting wet in the rain (yes, rainy season is arriving...)
    • No sports :( and others...
    • Potential delayed to trip to Beijing until the Doctor says I am ready (maybe until 2nd week of June..., not sure yet)
    For life:
    • No smoking :)
    • No Aínes (NSAIDS)
    • Taking care of colds and flu (Translation: no more futbol on rainy days, no more sleeping in wet floors, no more 10hrs trip under snow, no + chicken ;)...)
    • Adding a whole point for Health in my 10 thinGs before leaving the PlayGround
    Something I always thought I will always have

    Do you think you are indestructible?

    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    10 thinGs I want to do before leaving the PlayGround - 1st Draft

    This is the first draft of the 10 thinGs:
    1. Having, together with friends of developing countries, my own responsible, global and profitable business 3 years
    2. Taking my parents wherever they would like to go 5 years
    3. Getting happily married - I guess I need a girlfriend first :) Less than 5-10 years
    4. Visiting with my wife our 5 favourite places in the world Less than 15 years
    5. Having children and living close to a big mass of water (lake, sea, ocean, not rivers) Less than 15 years
    6. Letting my children enjoy their grandparents and the extended family Since they are born
    7. Getting my children into sports, arts or other special activities they like and sharing it with them When they turn around 6-7
    8. Becoming a investor on young socialentreprenurs in Latin America 15 to 20 years
    9. Becoming a teacher in a public university and writing articles on responsible business 20 years
    10. Having the chance to personally thank the people that let me see life from the perspectives i like As I realized it :)

    This list will be shape with time... but I hope it is a good start :)

    I will leave you with a person that I got to know in Colombia that make me wonder even harder about these 1o thinGs

    Pedro Cadena - Founder of AIESEC in Latin America

    At the end of his speech he said: "Remembering those first days of AIESEC and having the opportuntity of seeing you (AXLDS Delegates) I have to say that I am a happy man, thank you."

    Late phone calls and sick

    Late last night, I heard my cell phone ringing

    I thought: "Hmmm, strange since I don't think any of my male friends would call me in the middle of the night and, most important, I don't have a girlfriend right now..."

    I imagined it was one of the VP PDs asking for those late reflective chats...

    After I managed to wake up and answer the phone a thiny voice came from the other side of the world..., it was..., the Chinese Supplier!!! :)

    She called at 1.30m pm in China, meaning 1.30am in Costa Rica, asking me if I checked the email she sent... Funny...

    Anyways, I did check it. We are still negotiating prices... but things are moving alright.

    On the other hand, I am so sick!

    I went to the Dr and got two injections from her young assitant :). I feel like crap. I hear in sorround system, it hurts to breath, my legs feel weak, I sweat like crazy, but I can only be thankful to be at home and having something that will go away in a few days...

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    I have an addiction!

    This internet crap is killing me...

    Not matter what I am doing when I stop to take a break I start wasting my time on this thing...

    Now look what I found out..., my leadership style...

    It could be worst, It could be George W Bush... :)

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006


    Sometimes I'm so stupid...

    Exchanging ideas and experiences on Role Modeling with a very special friend I came to realize something very simple that made me feel very stupid.

    I have based my development on hooking on Role Models. So I find a person I admire, I analyze it (I think Gabi W still remembers my interpretation of her) and then I incorporate to myself the features of that person that got my attention. I am very satisfied with the results but they lead to forsee something very important.

    There is a moment in life when you are called to be the Role Model
    Somehow I didn't want to hear the call so I terrible failed. My apologies. I think I learnt.
    Now I am going to China to do my best supporting as many aiesecers as possible to reach their passions :) and then I will think about coming back :)
    It feels great to learn something new :)

    Papillons y otras cosas en inglés

    Today I can post about many thinGs

    I can post about the trip from Panama and the funny eXchange students we met in the bus
    I can post about me being sick all the time
    I can post about the little kitten that broke in my house to stay
    I can post about all those newies that have no idea I exist but I can tell you how they are
    I can post about a very important friend I got back in contact with :)
    I can post about burocracy, university and my graduation delayed for some paper work
    I can post about the police young man that sat with me in the bus from Panama who choose Police School over University
    I can post about ended dreams :(

    I can post and post and post...

    And that makes me happy. It means my life is moving and maybe I should think about the "Ten thinGs I will do before leaving the PlayGround"

    I leave you with a remarkable motivational quote of the Elected MCVP PD in CAS:
    "Some leaders are so bad that they actually motivate you"

    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    Not my best day :)


    Sometimes it happens

    Today is not my best day.

    So, what I do is that I watch old pictures, listen to old music, get in touch with old friends...

    I also waste time. Like passing channels or radio stations, driving around, walking around or having random conversations with random ppl. Sometimes I clean my room.

    Well, today I am wasting my time creating internet waste...

    Look at it:

    My European City

    You Belong in London

    You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sydney. You fit in almost anywhere.
    And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!

    My 2005 song

    Your 2005 Song Is

    Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz

    "Love forever love is free.
    Let's turn forever you and me."

    In 2005, you were loving life and feeling no pain.

    Life priorities

    A few years ago I defined certain important aspects in my life:
    • Love - My family and my future family
    • Frienship - The quality of the relations I keep with friends
    • Recreation - My free time
    • Professional development - Studies and professional career
    • Money - The enabler
    • Health - Physical and mental condition

    Afterwards I defined happiness as the balance and continual growth of this key factors. And yes, I did make many decisions based on this framework.

    But lately I came to realize that I need to do two things:

    1. Review the framework since I am not sure it is still valid
    2. Start using it again to make personal decisions

    The good question here is "How come I started thinking about this again?"

    Well, I am sure that the personal decisions I have been making lately are leading me where I want to go BUT I am not sure if I am risking too much upon certain aspects despecting others and this is scaring me a little bit...

    I have certain sympthoms of unbalance...

    El mundo según Juan

    Well, my perspective of the worls is still very narrow...

    If I play smart I should visit China, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India and South Africa to get everything very red...

    I wonder what amaxing places and which great people lived in the light blue regions of the world I haven't visited....

    El mundo según Juan

    Travelling by buj in Panamá

    Panama is a beautiful city.

    The sun, the palm trees and the ocean are almost everywhere you look at.

    Smiling people in the sidewalk, crazy drivers in the road, hot weather everywhere... and when I say hot weather I mean that I am almost melting here :)

    But if there is something that everyone must experience is travelling by buj (bus), Diablos Rojos as panamanians call them.

    First thing you must know is that you don't pay when you get on, you pay when you are getting off...

    Finding a place to sit is out of the picture, finding a place to stand is a challenge...

    Once you are feeling comfortable, enjoy the music :) You are allowed to dance salsa, reggaeton, merengue or anything that comes out of the Diablo Rojo.

    If you feel somebody is touching you..., relax and enjoy! It is somebody passing behind you trying to find a place to be...

    It is advisable that you start getting off one stop before yours since the way out is harder to find than the way in...

    Ah! And when you are getting off, don't forget to pay :)

    Nice :)

    Managing the Platform, Living the eXperience!

    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    Recruiting Talents in Panamá!

    Lately I have been thinking about my legacy to AIESEC CAS after my term is finished...

    Well, I think my major contribution is on the new PD processes. For example, right now I am doing my best to support the LC USMA Talent Recruitment Processes and the resultas can be judge by yourself:


    Sunday, April 23, 2006

    18 hrs to LC USMA

    I am ready to leave to Panama City.

    I will go in Panaline, a nice cold bus line. I will be in there for 18hrs.

    Panama City is great! This is picture of MC CAS in the Bay:

    Kike, Sarah, Coyote, Wanda, yo y abajo Maga

    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    World City Test

    Why do I listen to the freaks?

    Anyways, S show me a little test that is supposed to match your personality with cities of the world...

    And here are my results:

    #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### #################################################### ####################################################
    Your personality type is SLOEI
    You are social, moderately calm, organized, egocentric, and moderately intellectual, and may prefer a city which matches those traits.

    The largest representation of your personality type can be found in the these U.S. cities: Washington DC, Greenville/Spartanburg, Boston Area, Nashville, Indianapolis, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Pittsburgh, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Memphis, W. Palm Beach and these international countries/regions Ukraine, Middle East, Israel, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Romania, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, South Africa, Poland, South Korea, Guam, Hong Kong

    What Places In The World Match Your Personality?
    City Reviews at

    As you can see, I am still a CEEer but that's only because there are not Latin American countries in the overall list :)

    Hai Romania!

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