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    Monday, April 30, 2007

    Transition in China!

    I need to be in Rotterdam on June 1st, therefore I must start transition with my succesor in China asap.
    My successor is Nina Rociakova from Czech Republic. She is currently the MCVP Exchange in her country.
    She will arrived to Beijing in the first days of June, so we will handle the transition virtually.
    We met in Belgrade, Serbia. Here is a memory :) :

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Mi tierra

    I talked today with my family for the second time since I am in China.
    It was so nice to hear my parents' voice and the noises of Costa Rica in the back.
    A couples of days ago, some norwegians asked me to tell them three interesting facts about Costa Rica...
    The first was very reactionary... "Countries like yours pay us to keep the Earth clean" :)
    But then, I told them about the Peace and the Economy.
    The thing is..., they would have never understand if I tell them about the smell of the forrest, or the noise of the rain in the roof, or the sing of the yiguirros...
    Something I really miss is how close and blue is the sky... It feels like if you put your hand up you will touch it... Maybe that's why we don't like tall building - not earthqueakes related :)
    Well, this is week is Semana U...
    I guess some ppl will have some stories to tell in the future :)

    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    Impossible???? What???

    Shape-full readings

    I am not the best reader.

    As a matter of fact, I find must readings redundant and long.

    Nevetheless, I like the main idea some books try to transmit.

    Some of them are:

    • Focus on results: The Goal - E. Goldratt
    • Take care of the whole: The Fifth Discipline -P. Senge
    • Manage teams: Gung Ho! - K. Blanchard
    • Compete to win: The Art of War - Sun Tzu (
    This is a quote from the Art of War:

    By means of these seven considerations I can forecast victory or defeat.

    (1) Which of the two sovereigns is imbued with the Moral law?
    (2) Which of the two generals has most ability?
    (3) With whom lie the advantages derived from Heaven and Earth?
    (4) On which side is discipline most rigorously enforced?
    (5) Which army is stronger?
    (6) On which side are officers and men more highly trained?
    (7) In which army is there the greater constancy both in reward and punishment?

    Saturday, April 21, 2007

    Friday, April 20, 2007

    Make things happen, make things simple!

    The truth is... time is limited.

    We can not do everything we want in the time we have.

    Defining a clear goal focuses our energies. Keeping things simple increases our impact.

    For example,

    In MoChina, we are clear that Exchange is the most impactful experience for our members.

    More Exchange means more management, therefore more Leadership positions.

    More issues and markets means more Exchange, more Leadership Positions and more IBXPs.


    Eistein has two quotes related to this topic:

    "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."
    "Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction."

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    SSGN Board 07-08!!!

    SSGN is the name of the region I was appointed to, It covers: Spain, USA and Latin America.

    The Board is a group is individuals who are responsible to support the delivery regional commitments.

    During the past week, I was waking up earlier or going to to bed late in order to have an acceptable understanding of the candidates applying for the Board.

    The process was very interesting. Getting to know different people finding out about their passions, competencies and strenghts...

    But a decision has to be made and I was aiming for a balanced team.

    The reason is simple, due to the current situation of SSGN more than direction change, we need speed. A balanced team has the characteristic to "keep things on track" which precisly the risk of speeding up :)

    SSGN Board 2007-2008


    Monday, April 16, 2007

    What should I write about?

    This life is so cool
    Or at least, the days when I write in this blog :)
    Here are some views from Expro (Serbia) and Austria:

    Euro Expro 2007, Serbia

    Bad Ausse, Austria (Future 2007)

    Find the hard worker

    The Exciting Moment

    Selecting the team for the next year

    The team will have 2 Project Managers (PM) and Non Corporate Manager (NCM) person.

    The PMs will be in Sao Paulo, Brasil. The NCM will be in Madrid, Spain.

    We will meet for transition and planning in Rotterdam, NL and the kick-off will be in Istambul, Turkey :)

    We are going 100% to release SSGN potential!!!

    Soon... the results!!!!

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