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    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    Preparing for an extraordinary future!

    I decided to collect a lot of notes I have around my apartment and write them here to make sure that I ground them and start opening possibilities for all of this to happen.

    I feel happy for all the memories and people AIESEC has given me for the future and I am also very excited about the perspective it gave me about the world and the role I can play making it a better place.

    In others words, this post may be the window to look into my future life, but don’t take too seriously because I will not, since this is just the starting point of an extraordinary future!

    My life purpose

    I enable self-sustaining growth, support positive change makers and build trust in people to become the maximum expression of their will.

    The starting point


    Something important for the short term is to consolidate my network of contacts and what I have learnt in the past years.

    I will be doing some reading, probably Cradle to Cradle and Four Hour Work Week. I will do some maths (GMAT) and work out as usual but now under the tropical sun. I also will do my best to capture some of the most impactful events of the last 5 years, extract the learning and find ways to share them around.

    The most important will be to share with my parents and my family!

    The direction I am heading today

    I will be looking for a corporate job on which I can learn about the company products/services and the market, therefore I am interested in business development, strategy, supply chain and management consultancy.

    I am also looking for the chance to strength my academic background which is Industrial Engineering (Business development, Strategy, Operations, Supply Chain and Project Management).

    I will do the job hunting from Brussels but I am open to find opportunities in any thriving market from China all the way to Brazil.

    What I can bring

    Academic background
    I have the equivalent of a European Master in Industrial Engineering (Business development, Strategy, Operations, Supply Chain and Project Management). The experience I have in private sector is mostly around efficiency and cost reduction in production and logistics, and then in the last years I focused more in the competitive edge and revenues growth of non-for profit and talent markets. I am confident AIESEC gave the chance to develop strong leadership competencies and global management mindset.

    Competencies based on AIESEC Global Competency Model
    I know by experienced that challenging goals and innovative approaches get me excited and committed. And I also know that I am at my best when my team or myself need to partner with others to make sure we deliver and I have a role connecting us.
    • Results orientation
    • Innovation
    • Stakeholders focus
    • Awareness of other
    • Inclusiveness
    • Developing others
    • Effective communication
    Frequent team roles based on the Belbin Framework

    I bring ideas and connections to my teams, I find ways to organize us to capture those opportunities and follow up to make sure we implement them.
    • Resource investigator
    • Coordinator
    • Implementer
    • Planter

    What else may I go out and hunt in the future

    3-7 years
    • Work in a global project for a major corporation
    • Be part of a designing team that needs to be extremely creative
    • Run a marathon or a triathlon
    • Take a top executive MBA program
    7-15 years
    • Become an entrepreneur, starting several companies and assigning them CEOs
    • Teach at the University
    • Consult NGOs and SMEs
    • Live with my family in a house in the North Pacific of Costa Rica
    10-20 years
    • Become well known writer of management consultant articles for magazines or online media
    • Participate in the creation of a Long Term Plan for Costa Rica
    • Organize the first national conference for CEOs in Costa Rica on leadership and responsibility

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    Closing a chapter - Good bye AIESEC!

    The time to move on and let the new team take over has arrived.

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that give me the chance in a way or another to enter AIESEC and access the so many challenging opportunities in Costa Rica, Panama, Romania, China, Iberoamerica and this year globally.

    I think that is in our core and I will be forever in debt with this organization, its members, Alumni and Partners.

    Thank you!

    Thursday, July 02, 2009

    AIESEC keeps achieving in 2009 despite of the Financial Crisis

    Rotterdam, NL. AIESEC International planned a never-seen growth of 45% for the first two quarters of 2009. The challenge was framed by the financial crisis affecting the world. By June 30, 2009 the targets were overpassed by a committed network of more than 35.000 members around the world.

    This video was shoot in the AIESEC International office on June 30, 12:00 GMT where the target was officially met for the second quarter of the year.

    News from the World about AIESEC

    AIESEC Jordan organizes Youth Leadership for Emerging Jordan
    Middle East North Africa Financial Network - Amman,Jordan
    (MENAFN Press) AIESEC Jordan, the national branch of the world's largest youth organization, organized "Youth Leadership for an Emerging Jordan" on Thursday ...

    AIESEC الأردن تقيم قيادات شابة لأردن واعد و تتبعه بمؤتمرها الوطني ...
    شبكة الشرق الأوسط و شمال أفريقيا للخدمات المالية - عمًان,Jordan
    (MENAFN Press) أقامت منظمة AIESEC الأردن، الفرع الوطني لمنظمة AIESEC العالمية لقاء "قيادات شابة لأردن واعد" و ذلك يوم الخميس الموافق الحادي عشر من حزيران من ...

    AIESEC'ten dünyayı kucaklayan proje
    Bursa Hakimiyet Gazetesi - Bursa,Turkey
    AIESEC Bursa Şubesi tarafından bu sene ilki gerçekleştirilen "Dünyayı Kucakla" projesi 7 farklı ülkeden gençleri İnegöl, İznik, Karacabey ve Mudanya'da lise ...

    中国MBAhome网 - China

    Company Student Projects
    The Moscow Times - Moscow,Russia
    ... in May 2009 by Harvard Business Review Russia, an international organization AIESEC with the partnership of RusHydro, Schneider Electric and IC"ROSNO. ...

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