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    Monday, July 03, 2006

    China | Crazy Days

    My days start at 8am at finish around 3am

    Company and MC meetings, hours in the bus or subway, interesting meals and bed sharing have being the highlights of this first few days.

    Beijing is massive!

    The population density is not that high but you feel the distance when you have to cross the city for a meeting. Usually I budget 90minutes minutes one way...

    The food is great. Cut the crap with chinese food, seriously, everyday we eat something new and delicious. Sometimes is too hot ;). Usually we eat out and it is like 12 000 RMB (1,5 USD) per person.

    CSR in China is crazy. There are a lot of problems, therefore a lot of people trying to help. A light diagnosis will be that the resources to improce things are available but there is a need t increase the productivity of the efforts.

    Transition... crazy!!! More than 400 contacts to meet or learn about, 25 000 GBP in Fund, 15 people team, and many others... I am very happy Good ideas are all over.

    The MC Team... speechless.

    Dex is the MCP, he is chinese. Not much experience but really clever, he sits, he listens, he learns, he makes decisions, simple.

    Birtan from Turkey is VP ER, very experienced and calm, very professional approach, brings objectiveness to the team.

    The CWers (Daniel - UK, Natalie - Australia, Yuan - China) are pure passion, asap as they start performing I think AIESEC China will feel it.

    Susan in Finance..., well, it is finance ;)

    I am having a good time..., sometimes I get scared, sometimes I get excited, sometimes I get... lost :) But it is fun :)

    Noodles forever!

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