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    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Romania | Memories

    I received this picture from Marius Paul. He is the Financial Manager of ANTARES S.R.L., the company where I did my traineeship.

    The picture was taken in December 05, during my 1 month visit to Romania due to SuperNPS 2005

    We were having a Winter BBQ and drinking home-made Tuica... ;)

    China | A few days before Poland

    On friday I am flying to Poland.

    I will facilitator in biggest AIESEC Conference. More than 500 delegates from more than 90 countries will be there. Also more than 250 business people will take part in the event. More info here:

    The objective is to download the strategy for the new year and the main tools to deliver the AIESEC. Besides will also have time to share and come together around the things that matter to us.

    Why am I a Faci?

    Hmmm, good question... The thing is that I try to play my role as good as possible (goal, accomplishment and publicity) and when opportunities like this appear, I apply ;)

    The funny thing is that I haven't had enough time to realize how cool this is..., therefore I just feel like going to another Conference... Just that in the other side of the World :)

    I have an issue...

    I am a little sick... again!

    Coughing..., running nose..., the usual.

    My hope is that the non polluted air of Poland will do their thing... :)

    I leave you with a photo and a tip: Click the picture twice and then you will be directed to the flickr where I am uploading some pictures.

    Ps: is censored by the Chinese Gov. Therefore my posts take some time to be uploaded...

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    China | From the MCP's Computer

    The last two days were very succesful in terms of my funtional area in AIESEC Mainland of China.

    We fundraise around 26000 RMB (10 times my MC salary), 6000 over my yearly goal and came to an agreement to start the HIV/AIDS Learning Network with a traineeship in Project Management.

    At this rythm I will be able to focus on LC Capacity Building which is my main objective and have plenty of money to invest!

    Next friday I will leave to Poland. I have to spend 10hrs in the Moscow Airport but it will be perfect to get some IC work done.

    IC stands for International Conference. It is the biggest AIESEC Conference and congregates delegates from all over the world..., usuallly it has around 1000 delegates.

    The Openning Speech is giving by former president of Poland who ran the Solidarity Movement during the 80's.

    Things are going great!

    By the way, I will be opening positions to come to China by January... So if you are interested drop me a line.

    Discover your Passion
    Develop your Potential

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    China | Food

    Many people were making fun of me before I departed to China because of the food and the girls.

    Regarding food, there is nothing to be worry about when you come to China. There are plenty of option: beef, chicken, pork, rice, noodles, vegetables, sauces, soy....

    Maybe you can have problems finding bread or HQ salamis, but besides that, there is nothing to worry about.

    And extra benefit are the exotics meals like: dog meat, pork blood, heart, chicken everything and insects.

    I haven´t been able to eat a dog... And may not... But insects, hell yeah!

    They taste like the skin of s fried chicken :)

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    China | Creating Opportunities

    Today I am very happy.

    My main motivation is AIESEC is getting connected with people and this only happens when you realize other have the same interests that you have...

    That's why from the management perspective, my main goal is to create opportunities for the students, companies, public institutions and NGOs to come together.

    Today I met with a NGO, Business Fight AIDS (, and we came to an agreement to start a Project to create awarness around the potential danger of AIDS within University students in China...

    We start we a traineeship and then two teams, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai, with a follow up of around 10 traineeships next year...

    I feel this is meanigful!

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    China | A window of pictures

    This weekend we went to Summer Palace. It used to be the summer place of the Emperators.

    The place is beautiful but it is as crowded as many other touristic places in Beijing during summer.

    I think I will set on hold my touristic activities until Autumn..., otherwise I may get frustrated for so many people pushing me around on weekends.

    I finally have some pictures..., not many, I don't have a camara :)


    Friday, August 04, 2006

    China | Insighting AIESEC China

    My favourite part of Chinese Culture is their personal approach.

    It is soft..., quiet..., they avoid to scream, make faces or noises.

    It may confuse you because you will start thinking they are weak and delicate.

    Talking with friends I came to understand that Westerns and Chinese perceive "conflict" differently.

    For Westerns, a well managed conflict leads to change and then to improvement. In China, conflict is destructive and leads to failure. In the MC, our startegy is: Westerners argue, and Chinese wrap up :)

    At Conferences, the members behave very receptive, they will not argue, they will listen. The only challenge is that reading if they are understanding is hard...

    When it comes to working groups is very important to give clear directions and to walk with them through the first steps..., afterwards everything goes smoothly and nice.

    What I find hard to adapt is the partying style, specially in Conferences.

    I am use to this kind of Plenary/Club Party with all the people coming together into a big hall and partying hard.

    Here in China, the parties happen in the rooms. They love the punishment-drinking games... It is funny, specially when you picture how shy they are :)

    The members have a lot of potential. Sometimes, I feel that we don't trust them as we should. My bets are on them...

    About the Supply Chains..., we will run a project: "CSR Supply Chains Capacity Building" :)

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    China | Back on line!

    Hello Dears Friends!

    I am living one of the more exciting experiences of my life and I haven't had time to share it not even with myself.

    This is why I decided to come back on-line, to create a moment in the day to reflect upon everything I am leaving.

    Everyday I receive tons of AIESEC Spams, usually I erase them. I just keep the ones that influence my work in the short term.

    But today I opened one based on personal reasons. The Brodie's (President of AIESEC International) good bye to AIESEC.

    I came in a good moment to me to realize who great this is before it is finish...


    "A few years ago, back while a relatively new LC member in Calgary, I was invited to an evening at an alumnus place with a few AIESEC members and a few older alumni. It was supposed to start at 7:00, and so as an eager young AIESEC member I showed up at 6:55. The host, Richard, answered the door with a look of surprise, wondering who this could be showing up on time? He still had some worn blue jeans on and a winter jacket, and had clearly been at work. After explaining that it wasnt so customary to show up early, he asked if I wanted to come out to his backyard to help him as he did some work on his deck.

    For the next hour, I stood in the cold Canadian winter with him, holding a jar of nails and helping him as he hammered some boards together. As we worked, I started asking him a couple of questions. He started with the usual sharing of what he did in AIESEC, and then slowly I could see as the emotions starting stirring within him. A sense of excitement as he told me the number of countries he had traveled to, and the adventures he had. A feeling of friendship as he explained what it really meant to be able to talk all night with people he had only met two days before. The pride of being part of something so big that the work he did had such a profound influence. And a deep gratitude knowing that those adventures, those friendships, those challenges had shaped who he was at that moment, hammering nails into his family home, a new child indoors with his wife, a fulfilling lifes work, a sense of meaning
    That evening, from working on the deck to sitting inside the house with the artifacts from around the world decorating the walls, the eclectic music on the stereo and watching as this group of alumni  of friends  reminisced about their AIESEC experiences, the wonder that is AIESEC was unveiled. I watched as they revisited old photo albums and didnt understand half of what they said, but could see how much it meant to them. That night, a bit more of the magic of AIESEC was revealed to me, and every day since, I discover more.

    But sometimes it takes an ending to help us realize how much something has meant to us. As I sit here in the office in this last hour, watching as members of my team slowly exit the door for the last time, I am reminded that one day we will be sitting around a living room table after working on the deck out back, with friends, our husbands and wives and children, and some pictures, music, and memories that will bring back that unique spirit which is AIESEC.

    On behalf of my team, thank you for a year that will be worth sharing around that table. Let all of us who are leaving remember the spirit that is AIESEC, and aspire to a future that is a demonstration of that spirit.

    Gratefully, Brodie"

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