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    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    World | Too much!!!

    What if I tell you that today we brought 12 Chinese students to meet with and chat about CSR with Anglo America?

    What if I tell you that yesterday we had lunch with the global CSR team of NIKE, including the VP CSR?

    What if I tell you that I will be in Belgrade tomorrow?

    And in Vienna on March 27th?

    What if I tell you that I bought 3 shirt and 3 t-shirts for 12 Euros and people think I paid too much? :)

    This is AIESEC, this is my life now... :)

    Saturday, March 10, 2007

    China | MC Team Day

    In the last 24 hours, the team was in a spa...

    We jumpp from the saune to the swimming pool and then to the dinner room, watch movies, play pin-pong... chill all day :)

    Next week will be tough

    I have meeting with Anglo America and also we are hosting a lunch with the Nike CSR Global Team :)

    So many things to be done...

    And then on Wednesday I am flying to Serbia!!!

    I love Serbia, it will be my second time there. The first was on summer 2004, I went on holidays. Belgrade really surprized me. It was very hot, very clean and the rivers were amazing... Besides I met some really nice ppl there...

    I will stop in Austria and maybe stay a couple of days..., not sure yet...

    Well, that's it from now...

    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Back on-line!

    I am very happy that my blog is back. As you see I changed some aspects of it in order to make it work again. I am not sure what the problem was...

    Anyways, the last two months were really exciting.

    At the begining of January, Caio from Brazil came to work with us in the MC. He brought a lot of passion, action and structure to the work of the team. Right now he is sort of the MCVP CSR in Mainland of China... :)

    During this time, we also had January National Conference where I finally had an acceptable number of delegates in the CSR track :) Besides we elected new President: Vincent Li!

    In February, we started to work with two big projects: (1) Sustainable Development Education at High Schools; (2) HIV/AIDS Peer to Peer Education in Universities.

    This brought to us, Asia from Poland. She is in charge of the HIV/AIDS Project.

    Later on, I went to Egypt for the AIESEC's International Presidents Meeting where I applied for AIESEC International and was happily selected!!!! :)

    Next year, I will be AIESEC Director for Latin America, Spain and the US. Although, I will be travelling a lot within the region, I will live in Rotterdam, NL.

    My speech was about the need of increasing the amount of cool opportunities we offer to students and I supported it with a 4:30 min video about my experience:

    If I manage to solve some technical issues, next week I will be travelling to Belgrade to facilitate in a Conference for European AIESECers :)

    Life is eXciting!

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