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    Monday, February 02, 2009

    Job Wanted!

    We are at the middle of the Global Financial Crisis and the Job Market looks awful for anyone looking for stable full time position but…

    Here I go! To the Job Market!

    First of all, I have noticed that organizations are looking to keep low fix costs in two ways:

    They are keeping the fix down by lowering the number of full-time employees (FTE) with flexible HR capacity (short-term contracted employees and consultancy) and keeping the costs down by providing opportunities for hard working candidates with relative little experience.

    Furthermore, not all industries suffered the same with the crisis. For example banking and finance got deeply damaged while the energy sector has remained a bit more stable.

    On the personal note, I realized that I need to do more than one thing next year and I would like it to be a combination of being an employee, an entrepreneur, a student and a traveler.

    I also know that I have the chance to break the year in segments and find short and intense opportunities instead of only looking for a long term career plan, opening the doors to contract and negotiate out-of-the-box, in other words, it is not only about the salary.

    In terms of location, anywhere but Europe and USA seems to be the answer which challenges my search because I am currently living and enjoying The Netherlands.

    I got a CV and I got a coach. I haven’t met with my coach yet but we will very soon.

    While writing my CV, I re-learn 4 things that I want to share:

    1. Keep a standard CV but customize it every time you send it to an organization

    2. Do that by making sure that the key words in your CV fit the job requirements

    3. Make sure you explain what degree you have, you will be amazed to realize the differences between Bachelor, Licentiate, Master and MBAs in different parts of the world, even within Europe.

    4. Network your way in, instead of letting yourself being fished out of the market

    5. Your CV is your statement, so if it is not you then It won’t get you where you fit

    I fool myself by facing the truth: my next step is only that, my next step, one dot in a long line that I will keep on shaping forever.

    Finally, I maintain the motivation because life is full of opportunities and places to see and explore. I have met people and build networks that can take me far and in moments of uncertainty people focus on generating results globally, not giving excuses and connecting short term achievements with long term sustainability.


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