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    Sunday, August 09, 2009

    Costa Rica and Quality of Life: action vs achievement

    It is clear that in my years of absence more people in Costa Rica got more money to buy more cars.

    The roads are improving too but not at the same rate, creating a traffic chaos that results in more accidents, longer travel time and anxious people.

    Different factors have driven our politicians to pick areas of improvement in a way that it is not necessarily consistent neither aligned to build sinergies in the short or long term.

    I believe that there is need for clear long term targets for population groups and their quality of life in a way that we start asking ourselves how can we contribute insted of what do we do.

    The run for the presidency is starting but I haven't seen a proposal that focuses on achievements instead of activities (things they will do vs things they will achieve). Also wonder who will talk more about us than about you and us.

    Costa Rica is getting closer to a defining moment on which a new model will arise to strenght democracy and development. I just hope that our political leaders will have the awareness, the attitude of service and the determination to make it happen.

    The Observatorio for Development views on Quality fo Life:

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