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    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Why Entrepreneurs Don't Need VCs

    "I'm not saying it's easy to launch a new start-up, or to create a successful new product. On the contrary, breaking through the noise of all the options in the market today, and then staying ahead of the inevitable fast-followers, makes it more challenging than ever. I'm just saying that an entrepreneur doesn't need venture capital to do it.
    So if the next generation of entrepreneurs aren't going to need $10 million to get a product to market or even build a fast-growing, cash-flowing business, what is the role for the venture capital industry? How will VCs stay relevant when the cost of launching an Internet business asymptotically approaches "free"?"
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    Saad Khan is a partner at venture capital firm CMEA Capital where he looks after CMEA's Web and new media investments. He also leads CMEA's seed initiative and early investments in Pixazza, Blekko and Jobvite. He blogs at and You can follow him on Twitter @saadventures.

    "What an incredible oversimplification of a highly complex process. "Get customers" for example: no mention of the cost/effort/time to actually deliver a product to those customers and no mention of how will they pay for whatever it is you are selling." Larry Davis

    "The reality is that VC's are necessary for enterprises that have reached a certain level of maturity as banks are notoriously risk averse." Tony Hall

    "The only issue I see is that your approach is good for internet and software related business where the entry barriers are relatively low and also the capital needs are relatively modest." Rogelio.

    "Don't disagree that it is possible to build a software venture without VC money. However, it is disappointing that the orientation of the industry is to build junk software to get rich quick. Do we really need more social networking, photo sharing, twitter, etc. etc. The main web and mobile application now seems to be passing around useless information." A.S.

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