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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Do you want to make a difference?

    I hope you are reading this post because you want to make a difference.

    My best advise is: assume your choice.

    Making a difference is not an easy job. That's the whole point!

    Most likely in the beginning you don't even know how to start. You won't find information that back up your hypotheses. You won't find any cheer-leaders to support you and help go through. Actually the people that opposes the change you are proposing happen to be quiet smart!

    And that's why, if you want to make a difference it needs to be your choice!

    Because only in that way you won't complain, since your expectations are on you making a difference and not in the others making that difference.

    You won't look for excuses because the excuses don't take you any closer to your goal and you are too busy trying to make a difference.

    I love very much my country and it also happens that I agree with the thoughts contained in this article: (Spanish only) (Summary: let's stop blaming the US and let's start focusing on what we can do to move forward as a region)

    What the President of my country didn't mention is that the place where you are born is not what determines your ability to make a difference.

    I deeply believe that people who is able to make a difference is a consequence of their own choices and the discipline they delivered on them time after time.

    Make your choice.

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    Diversity and inclusiveness

    I have been around global organizations and international exchange programs for more than 11 years now. I have lived over 1 year in 5 countries of 3 continents. I didn't know the language of any of the countries in the moment I arrived, now I speak two of them and feel deeply connected to the people i met there.

    Today, I am addicted to diverse and dynamic environments. I love the mix of colours, smells, textures, thoughts, perspectives, accents, music and everything that makes our world unique.

    Nevertheless, I have also witness and experience the challenges that arise from diverse environments and diverse communities of people.

    I believe that the root of the issue relies in the fact that it is 'natural' for us to connect with individuals and environments that are familiar to us.

    The 'natural' is, in most of the cases, the right thing to do. We always look at ecosystems to find ways to live in balance with ourselves and our sorroundings. We analyze the natural interactions and replicate them to generate things like energy and even boost the productivity of connections between people.

    I also believe that the value human beings bring to this world relies on the fact that we can appreciate what is natural but at the same time challenge it and make it better.

    I believe that inclusiveness makes human beings unique and valuable. Inclusiveness is, in my opinion, the missing link to build thriving and dynamic creative environments. It is the key to start find ways to connect in unexpected ways what we already know.

    Being inclusive is challenging. It is challenging when you know you need to it, when you choose you want to do it, when you fail trying to do it. It is a selfless exercise and it rewards you with a life changing experience.

    Explore. Discover. Evolve.

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Drive innovation by increasing diversity

    Today I believe that inclusiveness is about connecting the diverse parts of the puzzle, creativity is about connecting them in unexpected ways and innovation about using both of them to generate change, hopefully, positive change.

    Therefore, gathering more parts and more ways to connect them is the first step to generate innovation.

    At the heart of this experience is how groups are created, grown and harvest. At each stage, you will encounter how our static community mind-set holds back for becoming a dynamic and diverse innovation centre.

    Let diversity be a part of your life, understand diversity as a concept far beyond cultural differences and more closely to what defines you as an emotional, sexual, professional and spiritual being.

    Enjoy a TED Talk from a Prize Winner who is an AIESEC Alumnus from Venezuela:

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    You decide what the story is going to be about!

    We have 4 Managers positions open at AIESEC International!

    The Managers work together with the Vice Presidents on External Relations OR Information Management for a period of 14 months, starting June 2009, with the possibility to get an extension for good performance.

    The External Relations Team connects with current and potential Global Partners trying to improve the quality of the service and identify new areas of business. Next year, they will also work closer to countries to make sure we capitalize in the true potential of the global market. Awesome job for people with business development, account management and sales skills. English is required and other major languages are a plus.

    The Information Management Team provides technical and user support and manages innovation around our virtual communication platforms (, and the connected online channels). The position opened is great for a person looking to work with major players in the IT industry and face the challenges and opportunities of connecting a global organization present in 100 countries. The person must speak English, must have IT skills and be interest in education.

    I joined AIESEC International after working in Central America, Romania and China. As an Industrial Engineer and as a young professional with a global career, it was the best way to catalyze my experience.

    What you can get out of these roles?
    • Experience a unique Team. Everyone is between 20-30 y/o, everyone has proven professional results and exciting ambitions, everyone has international experience and everyone wants to make our world a better place. We come from 12-16 countries, all continents and different personal stories. The environment is dynamic and challenging. The scope is global. I think AI is for people who wants to make a change, be challenged and being required to deliver only the best.
    • Connect with AIESEC members around the World!. The network has 35 000 volunteers in more than 100 countries. The leadership bodies meet twice a year (Malaysia in Aug 2009 and Tunisia in Feb 2010) and we also have regional meetings in March. On a daily basis, we connect depending on our role and the needs/opportunities of the countries. At the end, you get to know many amazing people and you have a smaller group with which you share most of your year. I am sure that any country I will visit in the future will be a country with a friend waiting to go out for a drink and remember good times.
    • Build a network of Senior supporters. Former Sony Europe CEO, ING Global Wholesales VP, Capgemini HR VP, Henley Business School Dean are some easy-to-understand descriptors of the type of people that will be coaching and giving you advise during your term. We meet 4 times per year and they attend the Global Meetings to make sure we deliver in our commitments as a team.
    • Get connected with the global market. Our Partners include DPWN-DHL, PwC, Microsoft, TCS, Nike, IE, IBS, Electrolux, Artemisia, Husqvarna, Alcatel-Lucent, InBev, Ingersoll Rand and UBS. We also collaborate with several NGOs and Governmental Agencies. We are in constant contact with them which give us a firsthand understanding of the global markets and trends shaping the world.
    • Experience Western Europe. History, cities, football, structure and processes, social care, migration, cultural issues and great parties!
    • Enjoy the individual journey. Definitively this is my favorite reason to be on AI. When you merge all of the above, you end up trying to identify how is it that you can give more of yourself and you realize that the answer lies on how aware are you of your motivations, emotions and the way you connect with people. The AIESEC International experience is more about what you decide the story to be and I can tell you the it is not a decision until you start doing something about it! I just love it!
    If you are interested this data is for you!
    • Application DL: April 24th, 12GMT
    • More info for AIESEC Members:
    • If you are not currently a member of AIESEC but you identify yourself with roles please send a CV and a Motivation Letter to: and and we will get back to you asap.

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    BBC: Hopes of world youth as G20 heads gather

    Recorded at AIESEC IPM 2009, Italy.

    "The world economic crisis can only be solved by major reform of the financial system.

    That is the conclusion of a BBC poll of people in 24 countries, commissioned ahead of the G20 summit in London this week.

    Some 70% of those questioned said they thought major change was needed, while nearly two-thirds said they had been affected by the crisis at least a "fair amount".

    But what has been the impact of the financial crisis on younger people?

    Recently, youth leaders from around the world gathered in Rome to talk about the crisis.

    The BBC's David Willey spoke to a group of them about their hopes and fears for the future."

    JavaScript must be turned on and the correct version of flash installed to play this media

    Sunday, April 05, 2009

    Looking for the euro-entrepreneur

    During the workshop "Universities and companies: getting brains in business" at the European Business Summit the panelists identified the lack of entrepreneurs in Europe as one of the biggest thread for the region.

    So, they were sharing on how can the EU support young people to flourish the entrepreneurial spirit and gain the skills to be able to create value in uncertain environments.

    They mentioned the need of including entrepreneurship as part of the University careers, also to create more incubators for potential companies and increase the money available to investments.

    I wonder if those actions are tackling the root cause.

    In Western Europe, entrepreneurs don't have the same brand than in other parts of the world.

    In my mind, an entrepreneur is at the level of a rock star or famous football players. It is what you want to be. It is only achieved by the best of the best: the risk takers, committed, connected and result oriented. It is cool to be an entrepreneur!

    I would invest more on marketing. I see the need of re-shaping the perception young europeans have on entrepreneurship.

    I would connect entertainment, technology, arts and entrepreneurship. I would get right in the places where young people hang out and start building a new brand: the euro-entrepreneur.

    May sound fluffy but I think that marketing has been shaping what we value and what we care about and we haven't use all its potential as a tool for positive social change.

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