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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    China | "Soft defeats hard"

    Today, two different Chinese sources refered to Latin Americans are too direct and aggressive in the approach...

    This makes me think.

    Maybe, Chinese people are playing a different game.

    One think I remember from Dey and Brodie was there hard approach when the moments were tense...

    Maybe, there are different games...

    Here in China, as my brother discovered soft defeats hard

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    PDU Rocks!

    PDU stands for People Development Unit and It is the Global Support Team of the PD Area (Talent Managing and Talent Development)

    The team is made of 12 amaxing individuals from all over the world: Basia (Poland), Miha (Romania), Fawzy (Egypt), Rubayat (Bangladesh), Carolyn (Canada), Fabian (Mexico), Maria (Sweden), Davo (Peru), Nadya (Ukraine), Matthias (Germany), Juliana (Colombia) and me :)

    We mainly do 2 things:

    • Review PD Systems for improvements
    • Support countries implementation processes
    • Support any other crazy initiative from Gabiza :) - AI VP PD
    This year we had several meetings in Poland to discuss about the plan and the strategy to support the Competency Model implementation.

    Right now, we are communicating virtually, mostly through the aiesec platform.

    What is so great about PDU?

    1. The quality of the People
    2. The common willing to give back
    3. The Chair :) Just kidding!!!

    Our next meeting will be in Rotterdam, sponsored by Unilever, by the end of the year to review the Competency Model Implementation.

    I am so looking forward to meet the team again! :)

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    China | Adjusting the lens

    Wow! What a week!

    To avoid randomness I came to an agreement with my team on which are my goals for NOV 1st.

    Hot Goals!
    • Get the LCPs engaged in IBE
    • Organize the "Activating Youth Leadership for Sustainability" Day
    • Get into our Bank Account 5 of the 20 MC monthly salaries companies owe us from this term

    Important Goals

    • Train Project Managers at the Regional Induction Conference
    • Organize the CSR Board of Advisors Meeting
    • Follow up the UK Embassy Sustainability Fund


    While I was in Poland, one of the members contacted one of our National CSR Partners without authorization.

    Then the member used their well kmown brand and the name of the person to promote one of their events...

    Big mess!!!

    The good thing is that at the end, it was the passion towards youth and a more sustainable world what save the day.

    Just do it!

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    China | Too fast to capture in a snap shot

    You really want to know how my experience goes in China?

    Well, it goes fast...

    I arrived to Beijing this day at 4pm, took my lagguage to a PwC to a meeting and then again to another meeting with IBM at 9pm and then to my welcome party at 12mn.

    That's how my experience looks like.

    Faci at IC?
    The same, one day I was in the airport in Warsaw waiting for the Bus to the Conference Site. Next day I was rushing out of the shower, saying good bye to be the next day arranging my Board of Advisors meeting. Happy that morning plenaries are gone :)

    It goes fast, too fast to be capture...

    I am sitting here in front of my computer and all these opportunities pop up in random motion:

    - IBE in China
    - International Association of Public Transport Conference in Bilbao
    - Business as an Agent of World Benefit in Michigan
    - World Water Conference in Beijing
    - PDU Management in Virtual World
    - Top Human
    - Golder Associates
    - Partners Group - Nike, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, Bayer, Novertis, Lucent-Alcatel, Brittish Embassy
    - China Ya!
    - Activating Youth Leadership for Sustainability
    - Outland - All the needs have a road to China

    I need an army to capture all this crazy stuff...

    One day, I will be sitting in a hamac chair (mecedora), wearing sandals and wet shorts in Playa Avellanas thinking about these days and this post.

    I wonder who else will be there.

    I wonder who wide my smile will be.

    I guess not many have this chances but less have such good memories to find moments of rest and peace.

    Made in China!

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