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    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    Getting Ready 4 Romania!

    Today and tomorrow are days to fix the last details to my trip to Romania.

    Right now I am getting some songs fro the estaern european freaks ;) They want some reggaeton and some Juanes...

    I found out Gabi took my suitcase wheels! He better watch out while sleeping...

    The future looks bright..., most likely I will finish my final paper before February and also the community service...

    If AIESEC works out good I may be in EuroLDS early in march and in Expro late that same month... Will it happen? Find out here very soon!

    Simple & Cool!

    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Making decisions on a simple basis

    I think that sometimes we have the tendency to make our life more complicated than it really is.

    The problem is that we led our daily life to drag us with it and we start believing that what we are doing is the most important thing in the world.

    But most of the time, it is not...

    Any path we take will be what we make out of it. I truly believe that we have that power.

    I am thinking where my life should head in the next months... I am sure I want an international experience, but I am still internally debating between a leadership position within AIESEC or an Internship.

    Both paths are aligned with my future, it is the close present, more clear, the lack of resources what is restricting my power of choice...

    Romania, Austria, Iceland..., Venezuela, UAE, CAS? So many options, I am happy the making the decision is simple, or not ;)

    Sunday, November 27, 2005


    I didn't go out this weekend...
    I used the time to get my things together before time.
    This week I may spend some time out getting some stuff I need for the trip.
    I feel a little relieved because my tasks will be finished before leaving to Romania ;)

    My big question now is where should I run for MC... Romania, Austria? I have to think about it...

    Wish me luck!

    Without Time to Enjoy!

    This is bad.

    I am leaving to Romania in a few days and I don´t have time to wonder how will it be.
    I don´t even now how will a carry my stuff there since my suitcase is broken. I lost a wheel somewhere between Hungary and Poland last march..., If you see it just kick it!
    I will go back to mr writing mails moment of the day!

    The Trained Monkey,

    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    Closing a CSR chapter

    Today was the last one of a serie of Sessions on CSR I have been organizing with AIESEC.

    I think the initative was very succesful but also very tiring for me...

    I am sure I learnt more than anyone there, not only because I had to attend all the Sessions but because I got a more personal relation with very important people from this field.

    I expect to bring to Costa Rica some lucky interns in the nex t sixth month..., if you are interested, let me know...

    Changing the subject...

    I can`t believe I will be in Romania really soon..., I wonder how much it changed...
    Si vreau sa vorbesc limba romana, nu stiu de ce cred ca este sexy ;)

    Ne vedem!

    Wednesday, November 23, 2005

    The price you pay for your good work

    Since I am going to Romania to Chair a their National Conference for Newies, I talked to my Thesis mates to finish the first stage before time...

    And we did so.

    The problem is that the teachers got excited about the project and now they want us to finish the second part before time again... but I will be in Romania...

    Maybe we should have make this stage to last a little longer and we wouldn´t have gotten into this situation...

    This makes me wonder..., should we work hard to get more work or just be normal and have an easy life...jaja

    I´m just kidding! Work hard people!


    Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    Simple monday

    • Early e-mail checking
    • Virtual MC Meeting
    • Thesis Work
    • And long night working on my social service (300 hrs in Environmental Management)

    But, as every day, getting in touch with friends make the day memorable.

    I chat with S and Gaby and I am really happy I will be able to expend sometime with them at the end of the year...

    What makes me wonder is that I actually had to plane a phone meeting with Lucky because my schedule is so tie that I can`t just talk with her... I really need break.

    I am organizing a CSR Session on Wednesday, I am scare people won´t show up because of the exams. The expositor is exc, he comes from one of the top 10 business school of the world... At least i will enjoy it ;)

    Well, IsO 14 000 is waiting for me!

    Back to my simple life...

    Monday, November 21, 2005

    The first post...

    Hello viewers!

    I am starting my second blog today!

    If you are expecting ellaborated posts and deep toughts, I think I will dissapoint you.

    This blog will be simple, as my life is.

    With time you will be happy to have your life or really jealous not to be the guy with the simplest blog...

    Building success form simplicity,


    Simple history

    Well, since I have already told you about my first blog I will invite you to visit it:

    I don´t think that´s a blog. It is more like a collection of good memories. I strongly recommend you to see the picture un der the title "funny romanians". It is indeed enlighting :)

    Blog it,

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