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    Monday, February 27, 2006

    L´Auberge Espagnole

    Lonely sundays are better with movies.

    My brother and I rented about 5 movies tonight..., 3 chinese, 1 of Chaplin and L´Auberge Espagnole... I remember when Gabi (The Guy) told me about it long time ago, maybe in 2004...

    I love it even if it is just a hint of what eXchange is...

    Buying toilet paper in Brno; playing WOG-ball in Bansktown; reading train signs in Budapest; looking for a friendly french in Paris; farewell party; turkish bathrooms; snow; meeting ticos in the bus Cluj-Sibiu; carrying a suitcase under heavy snow in Warsaw supported by a hindi; rainy BBQ with the Erasmus; cultural shock; beer in the Sydney Central Station; loneliness; getting rob in Italy; loosing your monthly money in the Sydney casinos; kurtos kolacs; night in the Pub; getting in love; super league nights; eating fish & fries, kebabs and gogosi everyday; meditation; swimming in Cronulla Beach; pee-ing for 3 euros in Zurich; "how do you say how do you say?"; smoking for 10 US$ in Caracas; missing; "party tonight, sorry I didn´t tell you before. Love, your flatmate"; cricket in Bondie; getting a cold in Panama; missing your girlfriend in Belgrade; getting high in Manly; receiving a salary in Lei; discovering Bucuresti only after 2 years...

    Missing your friends, all over the world...

    But damn it!
    I will do it again! :)

    Saturday, February 25, 2006

    ...the end of the day...


    Everything counts..., but the end of the day is about that person that you hugh through the night and kiss good morning.


    The research keeps on going...

    I started reading about the late history of China (1840-1989) and I found it very interesting and also a little bit complicate it to understand, specially because the names of the people, the cities and the social groups get easily confused in my western brain.

    I read a couple of website on the internet Discovering China and History of China. And then I watched a movie that my brother brought from Asia about the story of three sisters that were daughters and married to key people in the late history of China.

    The movie was a little bit long but I came in the perfect moment to me to understand better what happened there within the Revolution (1911) and the the end of the Civil War that followed WWII (1949).

    More a research, more enthusiastic I get!

    Friday, February 24, 2006

    China Live!

    The deep research has started...

    Don´t be amazed if in the next months you will find many posts on China related to China, Sustainable Development, CSR, Business Environment, Culture, People and AIESEC.

    To warm you up:

    About the first attempt to measure the state of corporate responsibility across eighty countries:

    "The ranking of eighty countries across five continents is revealing. Nordic countries convincingly outperform the rest, with four out of the five (Norway being the exception) appearing in the top five and Finland scoring highest with 2.1 (out of a maximum of 3.0). South Africa is the highest-ranking emerging economy (excluding east-central Europe), followed quickly by Korea, Chile, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Thailand. Interestingly, China came in at sixty-sixth place in the NCRI, whereas India, in other respects seeing as lagging its nearby Asian competitor, ranks a far higher forty-third. Pakistan came out worst, with Bangladesh and Paraguay, Zimbabwe and also scoring particularly poorly. Many east-central European countries also scored surprisingly poorly"

    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    Not another boring post | Sarmale is gone!

    Story 1:
    Today, I had a meeting with DEZ and Monica (elected MCVP PD and LCVP PD UCR) but when we arrived we realized that Barca was playing Chelsea. Of course, as the understandable MC member I am, I invested time to watch the game with them at Monica´s place.

    A funny fact was that she offered us typical lebanese food (her family has lebanese background) and guess what she had... YES! Sarmale!!! I took and evil picture of it:

    The Spanish name is "Rollitos de Arroz"...
    Most likely the Otoman Empire bought it to Romania...
    Story 2:
    2 Chairs
    1 Nigerian
    1 Costa Rican
    400 loud delegates
    "Na, na, ná, naaaa; Na, na, ná, naaaa..."
    1 challenge
    This pictures:

    Contribution of Nadya (I wonder what she does with these pictures...)
    Story 3:
    Cold January night..., the captive forever trainee was fool by The Evil VP and sent back home...

    Story 4:
    Take a look of the Central America South people and our pet Diablo Rojo... (It is a funny Bus that look if It has been taken to Pimp my ride. It even has a flat screen and dvd inside, the only difference is that your are only allowed to listen reggaeton inside...)

    Coming soon...
    China live!

    Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Public Defense

    Next thursday I have the "Public Defense" of my thesis.

    Basically what we do is to present the investigation to anyone interested in the subject for about 20 min. Afterwards the panel will set a final mark and will propose, or not, the Honour Mention.

    It is a scary moment, but after all this months of preparation we feel very confortable with the final product.

    The bibliographic reference will look something like this:

    Cajiao, Sánchez, Wong. "Design of a System of Competitiveness Intelligence for the School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Costa Rica". UCR. Costa Rica 2006.

    The main subjects were:
    • Competitiveness
    • Social Responsibility
    • Knowledge Management

    From my point of view, three very exciting and innovative topics. Do you agree? :)

    The Day after the Annoucement

    How do I feel?

    Hmmm, well, it is like when you meet a very nice girl and you are planning to see her. Even that you know she likes you, you feel a lot of excitement in your stomach, (purple) butterflies. That´s exactly how I feel now.

    When I opened my mail today, It was very nice to find e-mails from my friends wishing me the best but I was happily shocked with the e-mails from China :) Every single one of them made me feel like when you open a Xmas gift... Thank you guys.

    I chat with Dexter today and, as a good MCP, he asked me about the next steps...

    Cold water! Knock, knock, Juan! Wake up! :)

    Well, the first step is to think what the first steps are, of course it has to contain:
    • Virtual networking with chinese LCs
    • Virtual teambuilding with the MoC eMC Team
    • Virtual transition with the current VP
    • Deeper research on general information, business environment and SD initiatives in China
    • Mandarin classes!
    • Visa issue... ;)
    Wow..., China, have you ever seen in the Branding Community that poster of "Are you eating fast food or dinning in Beijing?". Well ask me in a few months :)

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    MoC | MCVP CSR Annoucement

    21st Feb, 2006

    Hey, AIESEC Mainland of China!

    Allow me to have a quick but exciting announcement.

    After two rounds of interviews, we have made the final decision on the next VP CSR for AIESEC Mainland of China!

    Here, I am proud to announce: the VP CSR 06/07 is Juan Cajiao from Costa Rica!

    Let's give him a warm welcome for being part of this amazing AIESEC country and making things happen together with us.

    Wishing a very successful year for CSR in AIESEC Mainland of China!

    I would also like to thank all the candidates who are applying for this position. Thank you for your passion and effort!

    If you would like to congratulate Juan or talk to him before he comes to China, you can reach him at

    Sincerely yours,
    Dexter Xu
    MCP elected 06-07

    Monday, February 20, 2006


    Definitively I am in a turning point.

    The fact that I will finish my career in the next weeks and that my MC period is also about to finish, set a perfect mark for a turning point in my life.

    I am very pleased with everything that I have learnt and accomplished in the past years. Of course, not everything went as good as it could, for instance I neglected the relation with my old Costa Rican friends, but the overall picture is pretty satisfactory.

    Consequently, I have open doors to many new opportunities. If I try to structured them I could classify them in abroad AIESEC opportunities, abroad and local working opportunities and also academical ones.

    When I look into the future (15-20 years from now), it is clear to me that what I want is a family based life. I want to be with a girl (woman by then) with strong criteria and wise enough to balance my impulses that just drives me crazy when I look into her eyes ("Wisemen love the woman they married"). I see children playing in the frontyard of a comfortable house. I see myself managing businesses (undermark plural) with young people, helping them growing their own ideas... I see.

    Then with all this info, I create drafts on how to achieve what I call success, which living the life of my dreams...

    I think the opportunities I have access to can be easily aligned to take me there. More develop ideas can actually help me see more than one opportunity aligned. Clear example MC MoC and then running entreprenur...


    I have been living life as a continuos process to achieve goals and to get rewarded as a person and as a professional. Is it driving me towards my final dream...? Apparently yes, practically not sure.

    The so call meta-cognition (funny word for reflection) is helping identify what is wrong...

    Daily Life

    Well, today I think it is because I entered a stage of very fast development and forgot to shape certain weaknesses of my personality that are becoming more and more critical because the dinamism on the environments I am living.

    Which are those weaknesses?

    • Egocentrism, Sharing less, Individualism - It is not only that I love myself. It is the fact that I am not building strong relations and that I am making very important decisions without considering the people around me. Maybe I am not getting truly involved...
    • Ultra dynamism - I am constantly seeking to organize and control messy things but I hardly stay long enough to enjoy the taste of peace.

    My next step is to figure out ways to improve this...

    Maybe I can buy a dog and take care of it :) (A street dog is better, when I was a kid I used to bring street dogs to my house and take care of them until they grew up. My mum hated this humanitarian side of me)

    Well..., al menos I am moving forward...

    Keep it simple, bark often

    Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Life planning

    ...Life Project...
    ...Personal Planning Tool...

    I always have a problem when I try to plan my life. Mostly because what I have as a long term vision changes as my daily life goes by but more important because daily moments catch my breath.

    And I have being wondering why...

    There is a strong tendency to compare life with a project. But I can´t agree that´s enterely right. The first and main reason is that in projects you have due schedule to start and finish but in life, hello! you have already started! and you have simple no idea when will it finish.

    This challenges many concepts use to plan and execute a project, mostly focus on the allocation of resources (the equivalente in life is time) and the investment-return periods (in life their is almost 100% uncertainty).

    As an example, you like to do hiking and your dream is to go hiking in the Andes and you meet the girl of your dreams and she tells you: let´s go! BUT the money you need to go there is the money you were suppossed to use to pay the University, that will give you long term financial sustainability and maybe you can go to the Andes later...

    You can not analyze this as a project because there is not certainty on how long will you be with this girl or how long will you be alive or at least have the ability to walk and or to see...

    But life is not a Systmes neither (sequence of ordered and repeatable activities that transform something into something else)

    So, what it is?

    How do we plan our life? How do we make right decisions? Do we have to?

    Who started complicating ourlifes with such concepts?

    Was it you?

    I miss simple thoughts :)

    Saturday, February 18, 2006


    In the last hours, as a part of the selection process of CSR Project Manager for AIESEC Mainland of Chaina (MoC), I was intervewed twice.

    The first interview was on MSN with the current MCVP LN and the MCP. The second was on the phone with the elected MCP.

    I enjoyed them as hell :)

    A good thing about inteviews is that they give you the opportunity to reflect uponn the things that you have done and the things that you believe. Also, the fact that I got to have a more fluent communication with the guys in MoC made me feel very motivated to join the team.

    I also "spied" a little bit the application of the guy I am competing with. He is a brazilian, a former pioneer LCP and now he is in charge of the LN at his LC. I am very impressed of his application, Brazilians are continuoslly proving the high development they reached.

    I am very calm, when you compite with great people the outcome can only be good. Basically it is now up to destiny :)

    I can not stop thinking how lucky I am.

    The Expro Americas faci allocation table is out. I am mostly in charge of all the PD sessions together with Brodie (PAI), that adds more than 10hrs Conference. I wonder what will I learn this time.

    My life goes from point from the Globe to another in a matter of seconds...

    Anyways, I also think I have to invest more in my non-virtual life here in Costa Rica, tips welcome.

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    Qué rico el fitte!

    Somethings never change...

    Last niGht was crazy... and today's hangover equivalent!

    We stay at home drinking beer and talking until Pelos came back from Puntarenas. Afterwards we moved to El Pescadito but the atmosphere was not what we expected.

    Then we went to Raíces, The Reggae Bar, and the party started...

    That place is unique, everytime I go there I have a very good time. The problem is that not many of my friends like to join me. They believe is dangerous and in some ways it is. There are many drugs. For instance, a guy sniff-ed white powder next to me in the toilet and you can randomly smell the unmistakable sweetness of the grass smog.

    The mood is fresh, cool, relax, solo good vibes as the Bamaselo guy said (visit their website). Many sons of the Caribe, reggae followers and good dancers.

    Three norwegians and the real underground mood of Costa Rica in one single picture.

    A memorable niGht in the playground

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Linked to the World

    I have some visitors in my place. Three friends from Norway.

    They brought back to my mind some good old memories that link me to the world...

    Scandinavia - Mostly good friends, good parties, beach trips and my first girlfriend, who got me in AFS..., and consequently in AIESEC.

    Australia & New Zealand - I was on exchange for one year in Sydney and of course I got very connected to the way of being of the down unders... Actually, I "learnt" English there...

    Romania & Eastern Europe - 1.5 years in Romania meant something, I also spent the last three x-mas holidays there and I got to see snow for the first time...

    I am in a BiG Playground,
    Join me!

    Work Smart, Not Hard!

    I knew I wasn´t crazy :)

    I found an article about one of my deepest beliefs.

    "Before you read on, I must warn you: Working smart is risky. If you work smart, you'll have more free time. That means more leisure, shorter work hours, or . . . more work. If you use the free time to take on more commitments, you're just as busy as before, but now you are so tightly scheduled that a slip in one project can cascade to many more projects. Happiness happens when productivity enables a higher-quality life, not frantic overachievement"

    I you are willing to work smart, go ahead: Read This!

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Many things, nothing concrete

    Last December, I made the toughest decision of my AIESEC life and that was not to apply for an MC position in my beloved Romania. Reasons exist but also uncertainty about the outcome of such action.

    In January, I decided to apply to the MC Mainland of China (MoC) for the Corporate Responsibility Project Manager position :)

    I remember making a ppt and a video in Panama to be played in the National Conference of MoC. Wanda was taping and I was trying to bring ideas together on stage. What I remember was the nice feeling of actually visualizing the chinese members paying attention to that Costa Rican guy trying to get where they are...

    I think that´s the feeling that defines many things in my life. It is not about succeding, it is about trascender :)

    This week, on Thursday and Friday night Costa Rican time, I will have the msn and phone interviews.

    Wish me luck!

    I just realize what a great team of Professors is supporting my project:
    • José - A young bright professor (He is 27 y/o)
    • Don Pepe - PhD in Industrial Engineering
    • Don Carlos - Principal of the School of Industrial Engineering
    • Lilliana - MSc from Harvard
    Tomorrow, 14 FEB, should be a special day...
    Make it happen :)


    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Save Tonight

    Save Tonight

    Go on and close the curtains
    'cause all we need is candlelight,
    you and me..., and the bottle of wine
    and hold you tonight.

    Well, we know I'm going away
    and how I wish..., I wish it weren't so!
    So take this wine and drink with me,
    let's delay our misery.

    Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
    Come tomorrow - Tomorrow i'll be gone
    Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
    Come tomorrow - Tomorrow i'll be gone

    There's a log on the fire
    and it burns like me for you.
    Tomorrow comes with one desire
    to take me away. [ ohh it's true ]

    It ain't easy to say good bye.
    Darling please - Don't start to cry,
    'cause, girl, you know I've got to go
    and Lord I wish it wasn't so!
    Have you ever felt this and save tonight?

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Profiling relations within Costa Ricans

    Last friday we had the Miss Costa Rica contest.

    Yesterday, I was out with my friends and it happened that one of the guys is the brother of one of the candidates and another one of my friends actually went out with her. She didn´t win. But she deserved more. Although, the elected Miss Costa Rica is extremly good looking and as a Costa Rica I am very satisfied :) -check the picture below-

    The discussion turned into an interesting point...

    Girls said:
    • It takes 5 good-looking Costa Rican girls to find 1 good-looking Costa Rican guy
    Guys said:
    • It takes 5 air-head Costa Rican girls to find 1 that worths...
    • Girls are so aware of the 5:1 proportion that build an attitude upon that
    Many conclutions can be drawn from this:
    • No wonder why Costa Rican guys are so shy. We are not good-looking, the girls around us are very attractive and they are evil to us...
    • No wonder why other Latin Americans think we are snob, I mean, Costa Rican girls are a just little bit snobbish :) and the guys are not very extrovert..
    • No wonder why the relation ugly-rich guy with "beautiful almost smart" chick is so high here
    • No wonder why girls try to get married young, the competence for those few good looking guys is though, so if they get one and they should never let him go...
    • If you are a good looking guy come to Costa Rica, It will be your paradaise

    My personal opinion is that Costa Rica girls are extremly good looking, just take a walk around the campus and you will find the most diverse and colorful mix of good looking girls.

    But we face two challenges.

    The first one is the "attitude"; if the real proportion is 5:1 they think it is 15:1. The second one is this race to get married, I mean, to find a Club with single people that range between 24 to 30 is very hard and if you find it is very boring...

    So, if you try your best you will find Costa Rica as a good place to build a stable relationship but if you are looking for a chill out environment you may get a little bit dissapointed.

    My present to you!

    Miss Costa Rica

    A Great Saturday

    2am Bamaselo in Concert (Reggae Roots Band)
    5am Sleeping
    9am Waking up
    10am Fixing a Flat Tire
    11am Sun bath with Roots in the background
    12md Checking the e-mail, sending some documents
    1pm Watching TV
    2pm Playing Fútbol 5
    3pm Playing Fútbol 5
    4pm Relaxing
    5pm Watching the National Team beat South Corea
    6pm Watching the National Tean beat South Corea
    7pm Relaxing
    8pm Getting Ready to Party with "...calor, sudor bailando reggaetón..." in the background
    9pm Dinner
    10pm... Censored... or not :)

    When are you planning to come by?

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    At the end you remember the beginning...

    January 1998. Sign-in Day.
    Three days after coming back from Down Under –Australia-, I left my place as an Architect and came back as an Engineer… My Dad would say…

    March 2nd, 1998. 7am. Firts day, first class

    The teacher came in and asked two people in the room to stand up and He says to the class: “They represent the percentage of people that will pass this class”; then he asked one of them to sit and He adds: “She represents the percentage of people that will actually get the engineering diploma from this university. Welcome to Calculus I, MA 1001, Group 1. My name is Professor Elvis H…”

    7* years later… I’m still standing!

    (*The program is only 5 years, but I committed 2 years to AIESEC – Best decision ever!)

    Anyways, dumping was never an option to me and I actually got in love with my career since the very first day, even that I didn´t know what was it about…

    The secret is commitment and perseverance, that´s it! Everything else is to make the trip lighter and funnier.

    And at the end you remember the beginning and the people that walked the path with you.

    So many names… I was with almost five generations (97, 98, 99, A0, A1) of some of the best people I have ever met…

    I recall some right now… Javier S and our thirst to see the world, to finish the thesis and to party hard; Javier B the most efficient team ever; “Marianita” who thought me how to be a good person and a better professional - If we were back in ancient Greek times I would have to give her 1% of all my profits (but we are not there, so  ); Wong the beginning of the final success…; Diana, Jules, Eugenius, Caco, Orlando, Tey, Tan, Polilla, Beto, Luis R, Carla F and many others…

    I am satisfied and yes, I keep my promise that one day I will be back in Costa Rica to teach…, about life…, and how to make some cash too  !!!

    The following list contains key words you can use to get me into an intense conversation over a beer, or two, or ….

    AEEG 98-99, Gente U, FECOU, Cálculo, Mosaikos, La Calle, Semana U, Combo ICE, Ingeniería, Semana de Bienvenida, Facto, Amalgama, AIESEC, Rabomoza FC, Ingeniebrios FC, Independiente F.C., Métodos, Planta, Administración, 980631, Soda La U, Donde la Abuela, El Comedor, FEUCR, TCU, Coladero, Vaca Sagrada, RI, AP, P, Matrícula, Guía de Horarios, bolitas, Vacaciones, El Chompipe, Laboratorio, Entrega, Proyecto, Avance, Contraparte, EII, RSE, Bus de la U, Copieco, Pretilear, Primer Ingreso, Hacky, Caccio´s, la Tinoco y la Carlos Monge, Raíces, El Yos, La Villa, Troskos, “Derecho Derecho”, Profe, Asistente, Compa, Chancleta, El Villano, Ali, Imprimir, Minitab, Excel, Visio, C, Visual, Tarjeta, Parqueo, Registro, Moroso, Copa Birrera, Copa Rotativa, El Sapo y la Culebra…


    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Peter Pan!

    ...There are stages in life I refuse to leave behind...

    Yesterday, I received a phone call from a friend from University who is also finishing in the next weeks and he was not asking for a favor...

    He wanted to ask me if I want to take extra courses next period... And I said: "Hell yeah!"


    Simple. If I sign in in the University I will be able to keep some previleges..., for instance..., I am allowed to play in the internal Fútbol Tournament! :) :) :)

    So, I will go 2 hours per week to University. Take some class like "Intensive Portuguese Language" or "Arts in your hands" or maybe "1000 ways to cook rice & beans", meet some new people and play like 6 hours of fútbol per week.

    I have a very good old friend, from Norway, we met like back 1996 and she told me once: "I want to grow up, not grow old".

    Become a heterosexual Peter Pan 2day!

    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    The PlayGround

    At some point today, I was connected with the whole world...

    I was chatting with a person from India about LN strategies, with a Nigerian living in Kenia about our professional future, with a Romanian about a position in China, with a Salvadorian about flight discounts, with a Costa Rican about the PD situation in Panamá; and reading posts about the Danish Muslim Cartoons and the Censored Content in China by Google...

    The bottom line is, I will exchange all these to have the chance to push that car in the snow again :)

    Life matters and it happens off line!

    Is there a winner?

    For the first time in our Democratic history we didn´t find out who won the Elections in the very same day...

    The last update shows Arias with 40.5% and Ottón with 40.3% for a real difference of 3 648 after counting around 90% of the locations to vote.

    Our legislation says that the winner is that one that gets over 40% of the votes and more than any other candidate in real numbers. So, my sister was right, every vote counts...

    Another historical day I was happy to take part of.

    Sunday, February 05, 2006

    Anita votes for the first time...

    This post was written by my sister Anita:

    "Today febreruary 5 was my first elections, it was really funny because I do know the importance of voting and the importance of having this privilege in my country...but I didn´t know for whom I was going to vote for, so I decided to ask my brothers, but for my surprise they didn´t know either..., so Juan and I went to the votation place that is four blocks from our house, and while we were walking we made our choice, so we arrived the place and vote.
    It's interesting because everyone that votes thinks that they will have all the responsibility about the country, but at the end no one really does, or maybe everyone does...I don´t know, I just hope I had made a good decision and Juan too...because we are two votes, and it might be the difference!"

    Ana and me after voting

    And yes..., my hair is growing and growing...

    Elections 2006!

    Costa Rica is the oldest democracy of Latin America. We have lived in peace since 1948 when the army was also abolished.

    Today is said to be the day when our 3rd Republic will be fund because the bi-partidisim is complety out of the picture.

    The final competition is between Arias a former President and Peace Nobel awarded who stands for the traditional guidelines of his party and Ottón who represents the strongest ethical movement and value based leadership of the younger generations...

    In the street, you hear people singing and honking supporting its candidate. At home TVs shows every single movement the parties do and the situation all around the country...


    • CAFTA: Arias Yes, Ottón No
    • Corruption: Arias is a traditional, Ottón a radical
    • Plan Fiscal (New Taxes): both in favor
    • China relations: both in favor
    The rest is too specific...
    Check them out (Arias and Ottón):

    The question is, will we have a second round? ( I hope not, I had enough of the Ley Seca which means that Alcohol can not be bought or sold during Elections Time... )


    in charge of managing the Elections Process

    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    Recruting eXperiences...

    I have a great idea :)

    We have this Trainee, Mariss from Estonia. She is a great girl and she really wants to get involved in her LC..., she also has plenty of AIESEC XP... and her JD seems to be flexible enough for her to get involved in other activities.

    On the other hand we have her LC, which is looking for an OCP Recruitment... The guys are not applying for the regular reasons... Holidays, a little fear, not understanding the relevance...

    I was talking yesterday with Enrique (MCVP Finance)... Wouldn´t it be nice to have as OCP a former MCP who is a trainee now...? Being challenge by the cultural differences and the communications barriers..., get deeply integrated..., getting the others trainees in the same mood... Imagine the experience the OC members will get..., work at top level in the first year, being abroad while at home...

    Mae, esta vara está en todas!

    I dropped the bomb last niGht..., now she is thinkinG...

    I wish I will post a second edition of "Recruiting eXperiences" very soon and very happy :)

    Some picture:

    Fulanito, Carla (she went with me to Australia 97-98 with AFS), Mariss, my sister Anita
    and some bug... (not from the system)

    Industrial Engineering School, UCR

    I am a fan of my University mostly because it concentrates, in a small space, a great diversity of people.

    In the same campus, you can have heated discussions about mechanics and cuantics, about socioeconomical development and environment, about medicine and health, you can join a manifestation against whatever or be in a Conference with Harvard people. Diversity.

    My School, the Industrial Engineering School, has another interesting characteristic and it is the fact that teachers are young and professionals. They have a very practical way of communicating knowledge and also they create a very friendly environment. of course, there are exceptions, but we need those, otherwise we wouldn´t have stories for our grandchildren :)

    My career is one of the things that makes me more satisfy and that gives me confidence to look at some bright future coming soon...(in China?)

    Enjoy life, play soccer!

    Friday, February 03, 2006


    Right now I should be out having a beer with my friends with University since one of them is celebrating her birthday..., unluckily I am not feeling that good...

    Since I came back from Romania I have been having the flu..., not too strong but it keeps on annoying me... And of course, as soon as I feel better I go out and then It comes back... :)
    I hope it will go away before AXLDS ;)

    I am planning to go to the gym, I need to move my body a little bit and also get some sun playing fútbol. God I miss fútbol..., the smell of the just cut grass, the sun and the sweat flowing into the eyes, scoring, running until your legs get so tight that they don´t want to move... I thin the fútbol field is one of the only places where I feel fulfilled...

    Isn´t that a simple way to make someone happy?

    Me and Beto, my brother, after a fútbol game at the University...

    Thursday, February 02, 2006

    AXLDS 2006

    Today I prepared a Ppt to promote AXLDS (EXPRO and Americas LDS) within our LCs and I think it is good because when I saw it I also got motivated :)

    If you have an AIESEC .NET account you can see it by Clicking Here (It´s in Spanish..., Costa Rican Spanish!)

    Sometimes I wish AIESEC was more than just a preparation stage, I could make it a way of living. I have met so many great people and I have seen so many new places that I could never stop thanking the organization for the opportunities I got...

    As an example, with AIESEC I had the chance to be in: Panama, France, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Romania :), Serbia; very soon Colombia, El Salvador and if I get lucky... China!

    But beyond that, it is the people what makes AIESEC special, I won´t call names because I will have to fill my blog with them, but I am sure those names are written somewhere else, where it really maters...

    Now, a new group of people is knocking in my life. The AXLDS Facis..., I wonder how will it be...

    Can you tell something from their faces? (They look too happy..., I wonder why?)

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